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Discussion in 'Mac Accessories' started by djafactor, Nov 6, 2007.

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    I'm traveling for the next 3 months overseas and I wanted to setup some sort of VPN that would allow me to access my home macs over the internet from my Macbook Pro. I've searched for some setup instructions over the net and can't find anything. If someone can help me out with step by step instructions I'd appreciate it. I have and Airport Extreme with a couple of MacPros and external hard drives attached. Having access to them while away will keep me in touch with things I may need at home while away. I'm running Leopard 10.5 on all machines.


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    Create google talk accounts for each of your macs. --- name them something obvious (e.g. trs23-mini, trs23-pro etc)

    Have iChat auto start on reboot, auto login to a gtalk account (one for each mac)

    Add these gtalk accounts to a main gtalk account (e.g. trs23)

    Add your main gtalk account to the contact list of each of these seperate accounts

    Install Chax on each of the Macs you want to share have it auto accept screen sharing requests from your main gtalk account.

    now when you're on the road you can simply connect to each mac by starting screen sharing with the specified gtalk account.

    I use this with my mac mini at home from my office almost every day. Works great!

    It's basically free "back to my mac" access. Transferring files etc is trival using iChat.

    I also have drop box on each mac so if you need to bring a file(s) from home its a simple as putting it on your dropbox. Then the transfer will happen in the background and eventually be on the mac you're using as well.
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    Checkout LogMeIn ( They have a free version that supports Macs. Basically, you install the software on the computers you want to access remotely. Then you use a browser to connect to those computers. Mac support is fairly recent. We use it at work on Windows and Linux pretty extensively.

    They also have a true VPN product called Hamachi. It is not nearly as easy to setup as the LogMeIn product. The Mac version requires a few steps and is a command line program. Hamachi is nice because you can access the computers just as if they are on the same network. You can then use VNC, or Apple Remote Desktop to access the computers. You can also mount drives, copy files, connect via ssh, etc, etc. There is also a GUI front end for the Mac (HamachiX) that is under development (

    One of those two solutions should meet your needs.

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