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    May 22, 2015
    Slow inconsistent speeds, tried everything
    I got the Airport extreme (the non timecapsule one) and ive had it for a year with no problems what so ever...

    I have my cablevision wireless antenna in the den on one side of the house with its own modem, and a 2nd modem with the airport extreme in my bedroom...

    For over a year this worked no problem. No interference between the two networks, nothing. Like the slogan says "it just worked"

    Last week i noticed i got slow internet speeds. So naturally i figured it was my cable provider (optimum). I reset the modem, and it would come back slow, then normal, then slow, consistantly.

    So i check everything on my mac and airport utility, shows no problems. I call up cablevision, they say i got data leakage.. i figure, ok makes sense, the next day they come out here..cut out a piece of bad cable..i run a test, everythings fine...then same problem.

    Another call to cablevision..there back that night, re check everything, and again no more data leakage.

    So logically, it must be coming from inside.

    I switch over to the Optimum wifi router, no problems what so ever...

    I figure, give Apple a call..they tell me to disconnect the Optimum wifi router as it could be interference...

    i good for an hour...then blam, same old problem again..

    So now im using the other wifi router, while my Airport extreme sits disconnected.

    Anyone elese had this problem before, was it solved, how was it solved, and is this thing dead? Ive only had it about a year or so...every other apple product ive own has worked close to flawlessly...

    Sry for the long post..

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    Generally, if it's at all possible, you're better off with one wifi basestation than two. However, if you're unable to get sufficient coverage with just one (I can't at my house) then you're stuck with using multiple.

    But, I'm curious - you say you have a second modem connected to your AirPort. Is having a second cable modem in the same house something that Cablevision suggests or is the second modem going to cause problems? What I mean is - at my house I have more than one wifi router but only one single ISP-to-LAN connection. My multiple wifi bases are either connected via ethernet or via wireless mesh network, but not connected to two separate cable modems.

    Is there a way to run an ethernet cable from the one cable modem to the location (or near the location) where you need the second wifi basestation?

    Seems odd to have two actual cable modems in one household.

    [now, if the second one isn't really a modem but a coax-to-ethernet (MoCA) adapter, then ignore everything I said]

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