Airport Extreme Issues (FIXED)

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    The airport extreme (3rd gen) runs so well I very rarely have to mess with it – well it is down and I need some assistance.

    Hopefully someone here can point me into the right direction to fix a recent issue.

    Comcast made a service call to diagnose an issue with our Comcast phone line and low modem signal. The problem now revolves around an Airport Extreme (3rd gen) that no longer connects to the internet.

    Original Set up –

    Coax internet line into splitter – coax to Gateway Wireless Modem (redundant with airport), coax to Voice Modem Model DHG 535-2 for phone. Hardwire from Gateway to main PC (Win 7) and hardwire from Gateway to Airport Extreme. Everything worked except the splitter was degrading the phone singnal and interent

    Post Commast New Set up –

    Cable Coax to Voice Modem Model DHG 535-2, gateway wireless modem removed, hardwire from Voice Modem Model DHG 535-2 to airport extreme, hardwire from airport extreme to main PC.

    Problem –I am no longer able to connect via wireless to the airport extreme - 3 Macs, xbox, or ipad. There were a number a software and firmware updates that loaded will working working on the airport. I even tried to make a new network. Looks lik I am all twisted around on the set up.

    Anyway to get back to start and set up a new network – the PC running windows 7 is now on home network.

    FIX - turns out I was using the PC to configure the airport which does not have wireless. When I used the Mac upstairs to configure a new network - all items work fine - xbox, 3 macs, wired pc, ipad etc.

    xbox is much faster
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    Check to see if the AE is in Bridge mode under the internet setup.

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