Airport Extreme or Asus RT-N66 router?

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  1. CrackerJackToy, Dec 1, 2012
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    Nov 1, 2011
    Hey guys. I am having a hard time picking a new router. I have done much research and narrowed down my two preferences to the Airport Extreme (5th Gen) and the Asus RT-N66. Both are similarly priced (Amazon is $20 cheaper), but I seemed to have found the Asus to have better range while the Airport having the best stability. (The Asus did not have many stability complaints that I could find.)

    Basically, Im trying to get a router that has dual-band N that will reach all way the way across the house to my Apple TV. My 2WIRE from AT&T just isnt cutting it, and Netflix will occasionally have to buffer. I'd love to stick with Apples hardware to fit well with my Apple ecosystem, but the Asus just seems like it has amazing (better) range with tests to back it.

    I would like to hear from users who stream video through 2-3 walls in their home who can help me make a decision. Which would you buy and why?

    Thank you!

    Connected Devices:
    Home Deskop Windows 7 (Directly connected to the LAN port)
    2010-2011 F-Series Sony Vaio Laptop Windows 7
    2012 Macbook Air
    iPhone 5
    iPad 4
    iPad 3
    iPhone 4S
    Apple TV
    Xbox 360
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    Nov 1, 2011
    500 views and not a single opinion? How does that even happen? lol
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    I'm just guessing most readers are thinking like me... that both are really great routers and it is hard to pick a clear winner.

    I use a newest gen. Time Capsule (basically a AE with a hard drive inside) and have no problem getting wifi on the wife's iPad in the back yard through three walls about 50 feet away.

    The only real plus I see for the Apple product is you can access configuration through Airport Utility on an iOS device.
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    Nov 1, 2011
    Sounds nice. I have a 2WIRE Uverse modem as well. Ive done some research and found the 2WIRE and the Asus are a serious PITA to connect, and the only known way is to setup the Asus as a access point only.

    It seems as if the Airport Extreme is much easier to communicate with the 2WIRE, which looks like I will be going with the Airport. This decision has taken me forever to come to. lol
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    Nov 1, 2011
    Just placed my order for the Airport Extreme with Apples Educational Pricing. They beat Best Buy by $16 and I can wait until next Wednesday to get it. :cool:

    I hope this meets my expectations because I love Apple gear, however if it doesnt, I have no problem returning it.:rolleyes:

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