Airport Extreme or Netgear WNDR3700 with FIOS?

Discussion in 'Buying Tips and Advice' started by AbSoluTc, Nov 18, 2010.

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    Sep 21, 2008
    Here's the scoop. I have a couple iPhones and recently purchased a Mac Mini so I am a semi convert over to Apple. My wireless in the house is ok but a couple of devices are having problems with it. Plus, it's only G. Most everything in the house is N. Maybe one thing isn't. Now, I also have FIOS internet & tv which means I cannot replace my router with my own. It will foul up the cable boxes and I am not down with doing all these half cocked ghetto rigged setups. It's just asking for problems.

    What I need opinions on - is the Airport Etreme fast as far as throughput goes? I asked my mac friend and he recommended the WNDR3700 as it got better ratings and has faster throughput. Anything I get, will basically be just a glorified access point because of the FIOS router. So what I buy won't be a router right now. Maybe later, I don't know. As of now, just an AP.

    Which one is better? Are they both the same as far as speed goes? I know the Netgear is going to have more features but I really don't need all that. I do game but not hard core. We have 3 xbox's, 2 ps3's, 7 pc's and 4 smart phones.

    I just don't know what to do honestly. I loved the simplicity of the Airport Extreme and how Apple has made it simple to use and expand if I need to with the airport express. I like that feature and how I can plug it in and basically have a network jack anywhere I want. I love it.

    I ordered the Netgear but I just don't know right now and could really use some helpful advice. My concern is speed for all wireless devices and ease of use. Can the Airport be used JUST as an access point or no?

    Any info would greatly be appreciated!
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    You *can* replace the Actiontec router and it's not that complicated, and will really show you what a FiOS connection can do. I have an Airport Extreme on my FiOS connection and it is amazing. If you simply use an Apple router as an access point connected to the Actiontec, save yourself some money and just get an Airport Express. You'll still be limited by the Actiontec hardware so better radios in the more expensive routers might not make that much difference.
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    Point me in the right direction?

    I've considered doing the same thing, but I'd like to replace the Actiontec, not hang it off of the Actiontec. I've seen articles that require calling Verizon, pushing to get the cable type converted from coax to a lan type connector to plug into your typical router more easily, configuring router settings, etc. The articles look rather involved.

    If you know of some instructions that aren't complicated that I could do without needing a networking analyst beside me, that would be great. I've wanted to get a time capsule or another "N" router with a hard drive backup drive attached for quite a while. Do you know where I can find some relatively straightforward guidance on doing this? As I mentioned, the connection coming out of the wall is coax.


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    I have read so many ways to bypass the actiontec that it's beyond crazy. Mind sharing how you did it?

    What is your opinion on the throughput of the Airport Extreme compared to other devices such as the Netgear?
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    There is no meaningful difference. It depends on the modem and the connection more than the capabilities of the router.
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    From what I understand, if you don't use the Actiontec, you will not have video on demand and some other features for your TV.
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    An update for anyone that cares -

    I received my router in yesterday. It was setup and going in 10 minutes. I have the wan port plugged into one of the lan ports on the Verizon router. I have the IP for the Netgear in the DMZ on the Verizon router. Everything in the house is using the Netgear now and the Verzion router is used only for the boxes and to provide internet for the new router.

    That's the simplest way that I have found so far. It works for me. All the wireless systems in the house are much faster now. The Verizon wifi is junk and is clearly evident now that I am using the Netgear. It's hella fast! :D

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