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Discussion in 'Mac Accessories' started by helpanoobout, Dec 30, 2014.

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    Just got an Apple airport extreme...been happy with it so far but I noticed one thing. When I connect with my windows laptop it shows connected to networkname but when you click on the network icon in the taskbar it also says connected to networkname 2. Just hope Im not being hacked.

    Also, Any suggestions on what settings would make the router more secure?
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    Which Version Of The Airport Extreme?

    Here are some Apple security suggestions:

    For clarity, does clicking your WiFi network icon reveal a display that indicates your laptop is connected to two networks or only a second network with a different name? Newer versions of this router have multiple radios that can provide multiple networks.

    I am trying to understand if you are describing a router security question or a computer security question. Your Windows WiFi icon and network display will look different but here is the OS X version with zero connections. Do you show two?

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    This is more of a Windows thing.

    If Windows senses anything has been changed on a particular network it may then change that network name by advancing a number even though no change has been made that you know of.

    And this is not across the board, meaning 5 computers on the same network, 1 computer may change the network name while the other 4 remain the same.
    I have 20+ workstations at my office and I may notice one of them saying connected to Network (6) while 2 may say connected to Network (2) and the rest being connected to Network.

    You aren't being hacked I noticed this years ago on our computers whether they were on Windows XP, Vista or 7, even on the 1 workstation I have running Windows 10 Preview.

    You should be able to change the name by Opening network and sharing center. View your active networks, put your cursor directly on the House, left click, change the name of your network

    Also this has occurred on my networks before I used an Airport router and after.

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