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Discussion in 'Mac Accessories' started by BrianDavid0523, Jan 18, 2006.

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    Please don't flame me for this question, but I've searched the forums and cannot seem to find the answers to my questions.

    I have a G4 Powerbook that's connected to the internet via Airport Extreme base station using Comcast Cable internet connection. What I want to do, is connect my Nintendo DS wifi to the Airport, but I need an IP address, DNS, gateway, and all those tech numbers.

    When I open Network Settings, I see an IP address and subnet mask and router numbers, but when I open Airport Admin Utility, I see a completely different IP address. Which should I use?

    I've tried a combination of settings but nothing is working, and Nintendos tech support are as clueless as I am.

    Thanks much!
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    The Airport Admin Utility is only used if you are trying to connect your Mac to an Airport base. If you don't have an Airport Base Station, then you don't need to rely on that.

    If your Powerbook is connected wirlessly to a cable modem/router (the 2 in 1 model) then use the IP address and subnet mask you see in your network.

    If your Powerbook is connected wirelessly to a router which is connected to your Comcast cable modem, then then your IP would look something like this: 192.168.1..... what you have to do is log into your router by typing the router address in Safari.... once you get into your router, look for the actual IP address that doesn't have 192.168.... it would be something like 32.168.145

    If you don't mind me asking... I thought only the PSP's had online capabilities. I thought that the DS could only connect DS to DS.
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    Aug 20, 2005
    Actually the Nintendo DS has Wifi built in - and the service is free to connect to Nintendo and play online. You can also play DS to DS which they call "Tag Mode". I just can't seem to get the connection/settings. Thanks for your reply - my Powerbook is connected to the Airport Base. I will give your suggestions a try later tonight.
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    No, I think it had WiFi from the start, but there was a lag for games being available to support it, and Nintendo did not launch its online network service at system launch. So that's why there was this delayed hit of people trying to get the DS on the net after it came out.

    The major thing it cannot do, AFAIK, is connect to a WPA network. Which to me is a big deal. I think, also true for the PSP? Ugh. There is no great workaround for this, as far as I know, except to swallow the bullet, and go for a hidden / WEP / MAC filtered network. Which I loathe.... (But then, I don't have a DS).

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