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Discussion in 'Mac Accessories' started by Jonathan20, Dec 11, 2010.

  1. Jonathan20, Dec 11, 2010
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    Dec 11, 2010
    On 9 Dec 2010 I bought a brand new state of the art Airport Extreme base station. The set up could not have been easier. I connected it via ethernet to my iMac and wanted to use the wireless for my Kindle and my work laptop which is a brand new HP. When both the Kindle and HP are in the same room as the AEB they work perfectly with great speed.

    Here's the rub. The range of the AEB, at least in my house, is very short. I live in a residential community and I confirmed with i Stumbler that the only other wireless networks in my vicinity are the ones that I set up on my iMac. I stream itunes to two separate sterios in my house that are connected to older model Airport Express receiving stations.

    The area that I positioned my Airport Extreme Base station (AEB) has direct unobstructed line of site to the door of a downstairs bedroom which is only 60 ft away. When I take the Kindle or HP to the door of the bedroom the signal drops to low. When I go into the rather small bedroom the signal is lost completely.

    Certainly the AEB should be able to transmit a signal at least 60 ft with unobstructed line of site. I used the automatic setup, perhaps I am doing something wrong or maybe the AEB is defective.

    If anyone can provide insight I would greatly appreciate it.

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    The range is very good on the new Extremes. You might be using the 5Ghz band which doesn't have very good range. Try making it broadcast in 2.4Ghz only.
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    Interference with a wireless network signal can come from many sources, not just other wireless networks. Even a microwave oven can affect the signal. The environment around and in your home has a great deal to do with signal strength. While it might be the AEB itself, there are many other factors that could play a role.
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    2.4 GHz range

    How do you make it 2.5 GHz only?

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