Airport Extreme Router, extend network and use the ethernet?

Discussion in 'Buying Tips and Advice' started by wako, Aug 29, 2009.

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    So here is what my current set up is and what i would like to do...

    I have a FiOS modem/wifi router upstairs. I live in the basement but would like the luxury of being able to connect my things via ethernet. I figured I could use the Airport Extreme router I have to extend the router. However when I do this, will I be able to use the ethernet and USB on the router?

    When I configure it through the Airport setup application Im not sure if it is working or not. The LED on the front blinks for a bit and then it might stay a solid yellow and then blink again. The airport is then unaccessible as the the airport configuration application is then unable to detect the router from wifi or ethernet.

    So if someone can give me a lending hand and help me out, i would appreicate it. Thanks :)
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    Jun 6, 2005
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    First of all, your post is a little confusing with the overuse of "router." I think I'm reading you, but if I'm wrong that's why.

    You should be able to use the AEBS to extend a wireless network. That's exactly what the software calls it in the "wireless mode" in the AirPort Utility. That's what you use if you already have a router dishing out IP addresses on the network, which you apparently do. So the AEBS should just be working as a bridge if you set it up that way.

    I'm pretty darn sure you will be able to use your USB port and Ethernet ports on the AEBS this way. I know you'll be able to use the Ethernet ports because I did on a previous network. But I didn't have anything plugged up to the AEBS until after I made it create the wireless network.

    As far as setting it up, an amber light of any kind after a few minutes is BAD. That means you're not getting Internet connectivity. You probably have the AEBS set to create a wireless network instead of extending it. Therefore, it's probably trying to assign IP addresses and getting confused since the FiOS device has already done that. If you make the changes above, you should be OK.
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    Some know, but that does not mean that they know how to extended a wireless network. It's not that easy to do it right...

    Some questions:
    1.Do you have WEP/WPA or WPA2 enabled?
    2.Did you use WDS when trying to extend your Network?
    3. Which channel(s) have you set on the devices?

    Just some quick tips:
    1. Deactivate encryption when setting up the Network.
    2. Activate encryption after you are sure the "WiFi Router" and the AEBS "see" each other.
    3.You can not create a WPA (or was it WPA2?) secured network with devices from different Manufacturers when using WDS.

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