Airport Extreme (Time Capsule) ping reports IPs outside of range

Discussion in 'Mac Accessories' started by eternalife, Apr 27, 2013.

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    I'm not a network guy so don't blast me on this one.

    I've got an Airport Extreme router (Time Capsule) connected to an AT&T modem running in bridge mode (recently switched from a Netgear). The DHCP IP range is from - If I ping a device on the network (say my MBP) I get an IP of Where is this IP coming from?

    I'm having trouble configuring the network on a Parallels VM and I think this is the issue. I also have considerable issue maintaining a connection to my wireless printer. It works for a print and literally one minute later I get a communication error - can't connect to printer.
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    I seem to remember that the default IP settings for Parallels is also 10.0.1.X. I suggest you change the AE default to 192.168.123.X and reboot everything and see what changes. Also there are some options in Parallels for setting the network passthrough from VM to OSX, try changing these.

    Also why is the AE in bridge mode ? If the AT&T device is actually a modem and not a router/modem, then you have NO router for your internal network. You need to set the AE in DHCP and NAT mode, then the IP problem should go away. As you have it setup, all your devices might be getting IPs from your ISPs server !

    Your is the DNS server from your ISP. Input the number sequence into this webpage and see :

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