Airport Extreme to switch... will it work?

Discussion in 'Mac Accessories' started by zsciaeount, Jan 22, 2011.

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    I wanted to get some advice about extending my network using Apple products. This looks like it hasn't been addressed thru the forums in nearly 3 years.

    Here's my setup: I have an Airport Extreme Base Station in one room, and I have 4 devices that require wired connections in another distant room.

    Can I:

    -Use an Airport Express in WDS mode to extend the network.
    -Connect the AE to a SWITCH
    -Connect the switch to my devices (TV, Blu-Ray player, Satellite receiver, PS3)

    My main question is whether or not I will run into IP problems. The way I see it, the Extreme Base is my router, the Express is my access point beyond the router, so a switch should be all I need to connect those 4 devices... right?

    Or, do I need another router?
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    EDIT: I'm not sure this actually works with the Express as it does with the Time Capsule/Airport Extreme.

    I was running a setup similar to what you describe in my last house.

    Router was ISP provided, and the Airport Express was connected to that. In another room, I had a Time Capsule set to Extend the network that also had 4 devices connected to it (You can make the WAN port act like a LAN port).

    As long as the Express is in bridge mode, what comes out the Ethernet port is your LAN.


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