Airport Extreme Utility: Setting up users?

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    Originally posted this in mac peripherals sub, think I'd get more help here...

    I just connected an external drive to my airport extreme and would like to setup user accounts.

    I saw something about apple id's but is there a way to make it so that I can assign user names and passwords?

    Also most of the users accessing the drive won't be on the home network.

    I havent a clue what Im doing, any help is greatly appreciated.
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    It seems the solution is that these people "not on your network" should just buy a $50 external drive and backup themselves.

    What you setup is separate from Apple ID.

    First, what's your internet connection speed? If they are not on your network, than it'll be hopelessly slow due to most people having slow ISP speeds.

    If your speed is fast enough, than typically you setup a VPN. But is AirPort even advertised to backup devices not on the network?
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    the purpose isnt to backup others drives, but more collaborative. Adding and downloading files that we all need access to. Does this change anything you've said?
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    sort of. the time capsule drive will work to a degree, you cannot setup multiple account to access that drive and so you'll have to set the time capsule as a FTP server which imho is not so very safe (and int he case of the TC you have very little control over it).

    You will also run into the problem of the previous poster in terms of speed but since it not a backup it won't be that bad, each user experience will depend on a) your uplink and b) they down link.

    I'd suggest to connect the external drive via usb to your computer and buy the server app from the app store - set it up as only accessible through LAN, set up file sharing, set up users, and set up vpn. while you can do all of this without the server app, i find $19 isn't so much and makes everything much easier to set up.

    Good luck :D
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    Traditionally, you would set up the disk to secure 'with accounts' and enable Share disks over WAN. If this is for collaboration, you could use a single account. People sharing your disk would have to know your IP address. They can connect with Apple file sharing and Windows SMB, although in many cases SMB is blocked by your ISP.

    It's not fast, but I have used it in the past. Apple has changed the features in the newest Airport Extreme - I have not tried it on one of those.

    Seems to be supported:


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