Airport Extreme - WinXP - HP J3640 faxing

Discussion in 'Mac Accessories' started by ragtopcaddy, Nov 15, 2008.

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    Nov 15, 2008
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    I have been using my Airport Extreme to print to a USB printer (EPSON Stylus Photo R280) which is connected via a hub to the USB port on the Airport, with mixed but acceptable results. I sometimes have to turn off the printer(s), unplug the airport, restart the printer(s), and plug the Airport back in in order to print to the Epson. This problem may or may not have been exascerbated due to the fact that I recently added an HP Officejet J3640 All-In-One attached by USB to the same hub.

    When I look at the Airport in Manual mode, I routinely find both printers listed. If I don't, that's when I reboot the Airport.

    However, when I try to fax using the "HP Solution Center", I get an error msg, "The Fax scan failed. Retry the fax."

    Apparently the HP Solution Center is at a loss as to the "solution" to faxing a document using the Airport. My question is, is Apple equally deficient in solutions to this problem?

    Alternatively, is there some utility other than the HP Solution Center that will enable me to send faxes through my Airport to my J3640 using WinXP on a Toshiba Satellie notebook PC? Or is this more a question of futility than utility?
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    Why are you using HP's software/driver for Epson printers?

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