Airport Extreme with Drobo S or FS

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    Hi everyone,

    New to the forum but always on here reading about something.

    Anyway I am moving into a new house that has FTTH internet.

    I have purchased an Airport Extreme and now I want to purchase a Drobo for more hard drive space to store Movies, TV Shows & Music, I have 3 2TB hard drives with all their stuff spread over them.

    Now the question is and I can't find the answer anywhere!

    Drobo S or Drobo FS, I know exactly what each one does but I need to know what would be better for my application. I have been reading about the Airport Extreme how it can share a USB Hard drive and it can be shared via MobileMe. But the Drobo is a little slower on the USB plus more expensive than the Drobo FS, at least $150+ more here in Australia.

    Will the Drobo FS be able to be shared in MobileMe through the Airport Extreme is pretty much what I am needing to know, if not I will have to go for the USB Drobo S Version.

    Also, I have an AppleTV2 with PLEX installed and PLEX installed on my iMac. Do I just tell PLEX where the files are on the network?

    Any help would be awesome, Cheers,

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    May 30, 2011
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    May 30, 2011
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    Not quite sure you would mention MobileMe? It's not necessary for Plex etc.

    The Drobo needs to be visible to the ATV or the computer where you have Plex installed.

    In that case you can attach it to the Time Capsule either via ethernet or USB. Ethernet is going to give you better throughput if you want to stream to more than one device. You then just point Plex to the Drobo.
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    Sorry, the PLEX thing is a separate issue.

    Can I access a Drobo FS while its connect by ethernet to an Airport Extreme using MobileMe? I know you can do it via USB, wondering if it can be done by Ethernet.

    The question I have about PLEX is that I have 3 HD's connected to my computer and in the PLEX setup I've selected the folders where the Movies/TV Shows are. But when the HD is on the "Network" do you just do it the same way?

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