Airport Extreme with VOIP?

Discussion in 'Mac Accessories' started by opinio, Jun 5, 2013.

  1. opinio macrumors 65816

    Mar 23, 2013
    I have an Airport Extreme that is plugged into a LinkSys ADSL modem. The modem is running in bridge mode so the AE does the PPPOE and DHCP ip assigning.

    It is all working fine but I am replacing my old copper line phone the with what my ISP calls a Net Phone. I get a dedicated phone number so the Net Phone completely replaces my old copper line phone. I.e basically a VOIP service. They say I need a router with VOIP which the AE does not have.

    I am wondering if anyone has experience with VOIP on the AE and what adapter I need and possibly suggested VOIP handset?

    As I will be getting rid of the LinkSys modem soon and switching to a new 100Mbs fibre service I need to make it all work from the AE as the AE will plug straight into the new fibre service (called NBN in Australia).

    I believe you can also get an adapter to make an old analogue phone work over VOIP? Any suggestions on that one?

    I really only need the phone service for emergencies as I use my cell phone 99% of the time but I do like to have a quality service so I do not mind getting a new VOIP system instead of trying to make the old analogue phone work.
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    Your new modem will also be your router, so you'll switch the AE to Bridge Mode.

    No adapter needed for your POTS analog phone, it'll plug straight into the new modem. In fact if you disconnect your house wiring at the old telco demark (the box where the telco service enters the house), you can still use your old home wall jacks - just plug the VoIP modem into one jack (any one in the house) and your old phone can plug into any other one. I have phone service from my cable company running this way.

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