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    Hello guys!

    This is my first post... of many I hope! Okay, so I just got my first Mac, I'm studying Computer Science at University and figured it would be a good investment!

    Now I'm looking to upgrade my current Belkin G 54MBps Router, I don't have £150 to spend on the latest AirPort Extreme although I do want one, so I've been looking on eBay and they seem to go from anything between £20 - £50 for a Second Gen +. Now I know these are Draft N, but is there really any major difference? I have the latest iMac so would I experience any problems at all with an older APBE?

    Thanks in advance,
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    According to a network technician I've talked to, the EU regulations on wireless equipment cancels out these differences, and there is no difference what so ever in range or power on the wifi between a 4th gen and a 5th gen bought in Europe.

    I have not tried it myself, I haven't heard of anyone that has and except having had it confirmed that the EU regulations on power output for personal wifi equipment is a lot stricter than in the states - no one that I've asked has been able to actually prove that the theory is correct.

    If it's true there is no point what so ever for him to get the more expensive 5th gen... Does anyone KNOW these things? And not "I experienced"-stories from people having switched ;)

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