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Jun 27, 2015
Just purchased the airport extreme to extend my Existing wifi network which is run from a talk talk router, it will only allow me to create a new network which i have to have the extreme and the router connect via a ethernet cable wish i don't want, i want the place the extreme in my office for a wifi signal. help

Dark Dragoon

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Jul 28, 2006
It entirely depends on what you need it for, but if you wanted a wireless bridge I assume you weren't looking for the best performance, so there are a few options available:

a) Run an ethernet cable from the talk talk router to the location where you want the Airport Extreme to be placed. This would be the most reliable and give the best performance.

b) Buy another Apple router so you can extend the wireless signal from the first to the second. I wouldn't expect this to work as well, remember the Airport Extreme needs to be placed somewhere where it gets a good signal from the other access point, so if the signal is bad in the office you shouldn't put it in the office.

c) Return the Airport Extreme and buy a power line kit with a wireless access point, for example the Devolo dLAN 500 Wireless Powerline Adapter Kit.

d) Keep the Airport Extreme and buy a power line kit with two wired modules, so as to connect the talk talk router to the Airport Extreme, for example the Devolo dLAN 500 Duo Starter Kit.

Personally I'd go for option c myself, though the performance can be a bit variable depending on your houses wiring. I have a setup like this which works well.
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