Airport Internet Sharing (iMac G5)

Discussion in 'Mac Basics and Help' started by ingenious, Oct 29, 2006.

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    My iMac G5 is no longer correctly sharing my dial-up internet connection. We use a 12" PB G4, an iBook G3, and a MacBook in the house via Airport, and all network services work, but the internet connection is not functioning properly on any computers except the iMac. I think that the iMac is sharing the connection, but for some reason is just letting a little bit through. For instance, if there are no internet-using applications running on the iMac and there is only one computer trying to access the internet and it is sitting right next to the iMac, it can take 10-12 minutes to load a page, if it loads at all.

    In all fairness, my PowerBook does this with two other connections, but only on a specific ISP in our area. At home we do not use the same ISP. The routers used in these two locations are of different brands and one location has regularly switched brands due to malfunctions.

    Any ideas as to why the connections are so slow?
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    Dialup generally isn't mean to be shared out. You're taking a very slow connection and branching it off to others, thus, making it even slower. But, I know how you feel as I do it myself through an AirPort Extreme Base Station with the modem installed in it.

    One thing to look at is, go to system preferences and then click on Network. Then next to where it says show: click on Network Port Configurations. Make sure AirPort is on the very top and uncheck the network connections (ie. FireWire) that you dont use and drag them to the bottom. You can click, hold, and drag those network connections around. If you drag AirPort to the very top, it will give the AirPort connection top priority. I've seen this make or break any network activity. You will also want to check this on the other computers. Also, make sure the internet works good on the iMac before trying it from other computers if the iMac is the main server for internet.

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