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    I have a couple of questions regarding the setup of a roaming network.
    At the moment, my ISP's router wireless signal has been very hit and miss, but my old Time Capsule's (connected via ethernet cable) signal on the 2nd floor is very stable, but doesn't reach the whole house...

    - I'm planning on disabling the ISP's wireless wifi, and getting a new Airport Time Capsule and Airport Extreme, all connected via Ethernet, and creating a single roaming network. I assume this will allow my devices to automatically connect to the closest / strongest Airport, without me having to manually switch networks, right? Would there be any benefit to creating individual networks with different names?

    - As for the Ethernet connections themselves, I only have 2 cables ran between the 3 locations. My ideal setup would be connecting the ISP router to the New Time Capsule (Primary Base Station on the 2nd Floor), then extend from here with the 2nd Ethernet cable to the Airport Express. It is connecting the Old Time Capsule that I'm not sure of how to do, but the easiest option would be to connect that directly to the ISP router (same physical location), as opposed to extend from the New Time Capsule as Apple suggests in their roaming setup instructions. (See picture, red line is the connection I'm thinking of doing)


    Would this possibly be an issue, or just as long as the Extended base station (Old Time Capsule) is connected via Ethernet to either the ISP router, the roaming network will work as intended?

    Thank you in advance for any help!

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    No, only to another Apple router.

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