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Oct 18, 2012
Hi to everyone,
my UFO airport extreme need to retire or at least work less, because it seems lately it freezing too often.
I've already tried to change channels but the freezes are still there.
I noticed that if the computer is in sleep mode or inactive for several time, it happening easily (the main mac is in the same room of the Airport+Modem) anyway, now I wondering what will be a good match for my needs.
Right now I have the Aiport Extreme connected to a US Robotics DSL Modem and I connect to the network a MacBook Pro, a Powerbook G4 and an iPhone.
I also use the Powerbook to manage the network because the mountain lion utility doesn't support the Extreme anymore.
My apartment isn't too big, about 90 squared meters and all the rooms are separeted more or less.
So about the network people spoke me highly about the Netgear routers or modem/routers, so I don't know if it's still good take the new Airport Express (the new Extreme is too much for my needs) or switch to a netgear products, what do you think guys?
I also just got a blue ray player, it's in the tv room, not ethernet/internet plugs there, so, my only chance is using wifi and, I was wondering If I can use the old Extreme to connect the blue ray via ethernet and extend at the same time the network of one of the routers I quoted above, the Express, the Netgear, or there are similar solutions with other brands?
Someone spoke me about Devolo devices too, anyone has experienced it?
What are the difference between the new Express and the Extreme one before the current model, it seems to be similiar isn'it? I asked because I saw some of them available as refurbished.
Thank you for your help guys!!
Merry Christmas!


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Aug 24, 2013
Far from here
I also use the Powerbook to manage the network because the mountain lion utility doesn't support the Extreme anymore.
Out of topic, but do you know that you can use Airport Utility 5.6.1 in Mountain Lion (i do) ?

I guess AU 5.6.1 does support the UFO Extreme ?


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Feb 15, 2009
Toronto, Canada
A current model AirPort Express might be an option for a small layout. Has both a LAN & WAN port and as a bonus it's AirPlay audio compatible (nice).


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Mar 26, 2013
Elkton, Maryland
Netgear does put out some wonderful routers. Personally, I have used both AirPort and Netgear products. The AirPorts generally run without a hitch, and get periodic firmware upgrades. The Netgear routers in my experience seem to get firmware upgrades for major bugs solely and if they were released in the last 6 months and thats it. It seems as though you run routers until they die judging by the fact that you are using a UFO shaped AirPort in 2013.

Apple has the set it and forget it style of reliability. Aside from firmware upgrades and power blips I never reboot my AirPorts at home or at my school. Netgear routers generally, in my experience, require a reboot once every month. Apple routers generally are more simplistic in terms of configuration. However, I have not found any features lacking for my needs that I would want to have on the AirPorts. The Netgear routers generally have almost every possible configuration option a home user would want.

Simplicity and reliability takes the cake with AirPorts, but Netgear will give you more options than any home user will ever need. There is a reason why I chose Apple over Netgear's business line for my school, and that is it simply works.

I hope you make the best decision for your needs.

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Jan 13, 2011
For me personally, AirPorts have 2 other benefits:
1) the looks
2) Back to My Mac
plus, if you go after the new tower model - the TimeMachine compatibility.
PS there have been many discussions about missing QoS configuration options on AirPorts that other routers have. It looks like the Broadcom chipset inside AirPort routers handles AV streaming priorities automatically. However, atm this is based just on my gut feeling, nothing else. So you need to take this with a grain of salt.


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Mar 26, 2013
Elkton, Maryland
At school I have all traffic from eight AirPort Expresses going through a central AirPort Extreme connected to a cable modem providing ~55 Mbps connection. The average daily load for the network at any given time during school hours (faculty and guests only) is about 60-70 users. Some APs (Expresses) have 20-25 clients on them at any given time. Despite this strain on particular APs, and the fact everything goes through a central Extreme, we still get about 56/57 Mbps down at any given point of the building. The guest network is indeed throttled at 25/26 Mbps. I have two SSIDs going across the board.

Never once has the "wireless is slow" been an issue. I am not sure how the AirPorts determine QoS, but they do a great job. Even with clients on congested APs (20+ users), users still seem to receive great speed and can easily, with no buffering, stream HD video. Granted these are not scientific facts, but I am trying to give you a real world scenario.

I think the AirPort line across the board is by far the best! Though some configuration options are lacking, simplicity trumps configurability in terms of AirPort. If a network I designed for a school can handle that significant load, a single AirPort connected to a modem can easily handle what you want to do. Do not be fooled by the Express, it is a wicked router provided you do not have AC devices. If you want Time Machine or AC get an Extreme or Time Capsule.

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Oct 5, 2003
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With one of the recent Airport Extremes you can manage two networks and handle everything fine.
The latest version have AC speed that can future proof your investment and achieve faster speeds with the right clients.
I recently bought one and i love it, I also bought a WD MyCloud 3TB and it's great for TimeMachine and NAS.


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Mar 26, 2013
Elkton, Maryland
I just re-read posts and realized that an Extreme is not an option for the OP. I completely missed a question the OP asked. The only way the Extreme *could* extend the Express is if connected via Ethernet. However, since you are having issues with the Extreme, I would not recommend doing that.

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