AirPrint without wifi?

Discussion in 'iPad' started by duelingdragons, May 23, 2011.

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    You should look into Googles Cloud Print, it'll allow you to do what you need without a wireless network as long as a computer with an internet connection is connected to the printer.

    But your scenario seems so unlikely that it's hard for there to be an easily solution.
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    maybe this is what you're looking for :

    you can print remotely via 3G.
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    The above app suggestion works a treat!! Was looking at thread to see if able to AirPrint when connected to home wifi connection n saw the "Print n Share" app suggestion. At £5.49 has saved me £45 as printer I was going to buy is £50.

    Thanks once again you're a star!!
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    If I had my iPhone 5 on Personal Hotspot and my iPad Air tethered to it, could I put a wireless printer on that network?
  5. charlituna, Jan 1, 2014
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    The original reply from a couple of years ago is slightly wrong.

    You can't AirPrint without wifi but wifi and internet aren't the same thing. You can totally have a local wifi that isn't connected to the outside world.
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    I never set it up but I can print on my home HP printer, connected to my house wireless from anywhere as it gives my printer an IP address to send documents to. This is pretty common if I am not mistaken.
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    Wi-Fi direct?
  8. Patriot1, May 8, 2018
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    ‘...completely obvious...’ Is that right ! Well get THIS ... An iPhone is WIRELESS, obviously. The Wireless Brother Printer is WIRELESS, obviously. Ergo...Many users might think (logically, I might add) that those 2 factors will allow for a WIRELESS CONNECTION using BlueTooth. Ergo...You just need to “Pair” the two like so MANY other wireless products can be used. Especially when it ABSOLUTELY can be done just like that with a WIRELESS Canon Printer WITHOUT needing WiFi. I printed that exact way for 2 years !! And also get THIS: I have the SAME ISSUE as the User you so rudely replied to, with my newly purchased Brother HL-L2395DW Wireless All-in-One Printer/Fax/etc. I worked @ finding an answer to it. Until I was somehow (& WITHOUT WiFi) able to get my iPhone’s (wireless obviously) BlueTooth connection to finally show up on my Brother Printer’s (wireless obviously) screen under “selection” of Wireless “connections” to choose from. And guess what ? I was able to wirelessly print a document from my iPhone 7+ WITHOUT a wireless network !! So... Your wrong that it “obviously” MUST have a “wireless network”. Obviously.
    And now I’d like to address the original question:After I printed (as detailed above⬆️) the document I needed, I shut down my iPhone. Then,the next day, after I fired-up my iPhone, I wasn’t able to get my iPhone’s BlueTooth connection to AGAIN show up on my Brother Printer’s screen selection. I’ll will again(but not sure when) try to “repeat” my earlier steps to get my iPhone to show up on my Brother Printer. When I do, I’ll post my steps in this MacRumors Forum. I believe Brother is selling a Wireless Printer that doesn’t equal the Wireless functions of Canon Wireless Printers. I now wish that I’d purchased another Usr-Friendly Wireless Canon Printer, rather then a Usr-UNfriendly Brother’s Printer.
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    This thread is like 7 years old. What holds true now didn't then.
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    Is this thread from like 2011? Things have probably changed some since then.
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    I have 2 printers that have their own "wifi" connection. if you want to print something directly to the printer with no other connection... You have to set your "wifi" setting on your phone to the wifi of the printer (I also have some other gadgets that work that way as well) If I were stranded in the middle of no mans land with no internet or wifi, I could still use the two printers and my other devices. I would just have to change the wifi "network" on the device (phone or iPad or whatever... It's supposed to work with Android as well)... to match the printer you would like to print from. No WIFI router needed and no Internet connection required.

    So Yes... Some printers are capable of what the OP. asked.
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    Yep... It's an old one isn't it... but in 2018 This is perfectly possible, and many printers and other devices (I have a Bore Scope that I use to look inside engine cylinders for inspecting condition and visible signs of wear at work) are capable today that were not when this thread started.
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