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    Alright, I am getting confuse with the airtunes/airplay functionality, and wanted to clarify before I make purchases.

    What I want:

    To be able to play my music from my Itunes wirelessly to my Logitech Speakers (which I plug in too?) I know the Airport Express offers this, does the Airport Extreme offer this? Also is the Time Capsule, just an Airport Extreme with a built in HD? (ive read bad reviews)
    Only Express offers it.

    Now, I also want to be able to stream music from my Iphone/Itouch library, wirelessly to my speakers. Can I do this? If so with what devices? I read something about Pandora? Looking for clarification.
    4.2 Allows airplay without Pandora or whatever I read about?

    Finally, Streaming Video from my Iphone/Ipad to my t.v, requires apple t.v correct? This next part may be advanced, but might as well ask while Im on a role, can I Airplay video from my Ipad to my apple t.v while playing the audio over my speakers?

    Thanks in advance
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    the extreme / time capsule do not offer airplay.

    the express has a mini jack, that is an optical out also, so exactly like what is on all recent macs. plug you speakers into that.

    currently on iOS you can only stream to one device at a time, and it currently works with a few apps (iPod, youtube, pandora,, among others) (if you choose a video and send it to an express, video plays locally, and the audio comes out of the remote location) Apple has released the stuff for developers to incorporate into their iOS apps, so it should be showing up soon in others.

    iTunes will stream to multiple locations at the same time, and does pretty well about staying in sync. but only supports sending music, anything with video will only come out of the local speakers.

    there were several airplay enabled speakers announced at CES, those are basically an airport express and speakers wrapped into one, they are also stereos that are incorporating airplay receivers, so your options are about to expand.

    there is a very basic (and very beta) program that will make your mac look like an apple tv to iOS, but it currently only supports video (and probably only ever will). airplay

    there is also a program called airfoil, it allows sending from any application on your computer to all airplay devices. so you can set it up to send audio from your web browser, and get pandora.
    There is a couple second delay in the audio, due to buffering, and nothing you can do about it.
    mac & windows versions of the "transmitter" program - It is a paid program.
    they also have a receiver program (free) that runs on windows, mac, linux, and iOS. (it will only receive from airfoil, and not any of the apple products)

    for receiving audio:
    currently- airport express & bring your own speakers.
    soon- speakers and stereos with the airplay receiver built in.
    the airfoil app (airspeakers) (but only receives from airfoil)

    for sending audio:
    iTunes & most audio applications on iOS.
    airfoil on your computer. (send to everything)

    for receiving video:
    airplay app (link above)

    for sending video (and the audio portion of a video).
    there is also an experimental program to send video from the same guy that does the video receiver, it's also on the link above.

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