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  1. mufngruf macrumors member

    Apr 3, 2009
    OK, so I've got an eyehome thingy to watch my movies upstairs from my new imac intel running leopard.
    The theory is that somehow the AirVast WA-1500g that came with the eyehome will pick up the wireless signals either direct from the imac's Airport signal or from the wireless cable (sky) netgear modem.
    My kids laptop can be upstairs and the imac can "see" and interract with it, almost effortlessly.
    If I hook the Airvast to the modem with an ethernet cable, all three lights on the front of the bridge light up.. suggesting that it is getting signal.
    I want it to be able to do this wirelessly.
    the instructions are apparently for machines that have airport express and the world of IP addresses, pinging, WEP, and DHCP are little more than gibberish to me.
    The Elgato site (who no longer offer support for the Eyehome device are of little help since they keep pointing me back to the instructions that I already have that only cover Airport Admin Utility references and I DON'T HAVE AN AIRPORT EXPRESS BASE STATION.
    Please can someone help with what SEEMS to be a simple issue?
    thank you

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