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Jun 16, 2007
The Port!
Hey guys,
Just wanted to know..
I'm going to hawaii this summer and I wandered whats the store in the ala moana centre like? In terms of support etc.

Also im from ireland and here the tax is included in price, but in the US it's added on after yeah? so how much mre would that be.
the exchange rate at the moment is $2 - £1 so would still work out cheaper (including tax) to buy software likeiWork and .Mac?

Thanks in advance


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Apr 18, 2003
The Ala Moana Apple store is nice although it is a mall store so it's not a flagship store as say the one in New York. It can get pretty busy during the weekends which I guess would be typical of all Apple stores. The sales staff are pretty helpful. Bear in mind Hawaii has a 4.5% general excise tax so tack that on top of the retail cost of your purchase.

Edit: Some pics of the store.


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Oct 12, 2005
It's very much a boutique Apple store it's not nearly as big as some of the other store in the US, but with that said you still can get some good stuff from there.


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Jul 9, 2007
I agree with all above. It is a small location but has lot's of great stuff, helpful staff and plenty of toys available to play with and check out. Actually stopped by on way to bubba gumps last weekend thinking it would be packed, well it was but I walked up to the iphone table and found one to check out. They must of had about 10-12 on the display table, so plenty for all. I thought I'd wait until later in the year to purchase one but after using it am wondering if I can wait! Funny, I figured that would would be the only crowded spot but the entire store was jumpin' .... that's a mac store! :D