Alarm only vibrates - randomly

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  1. lovetheduns macrumors regular

    Jul 12, 2008
    So--- I found this odd the first time it happened, but it has happened at least two more times randomly so I thought I would see if anyone else has had this happen.

    Right before I go to bed, I click on the alarms I have stored-- I usually set 4 within 10 minutes or so of each other. I make sure everything is set for AM, volume is turned all the way up, and that the vibrate switch on the side of the phone is off.

    Usually-- everything goes off as planned with the most annoying sounds from the iphone available ringer sounds (my phone is original and not jailbroken). I plug the phone into the charger and go to sleep.

    But at least three times since July-- the ringers have not actually sounded and the only thing that sounds is vibrate.

    I have even restored my phone a couple of times and this has still happened-- luckily the vibrate noises wakes me up but it concerns me that I cant fully rely on the phone to wake me up since this vibrate only has happened a couple of times.

    Btw-- the last time this happened when I unplugged the phone-- the next alarm went off with the alarm ringer--- another time the phone was unplugged when this happened and the audible ringer went off when I plugged the phone in-- so there does not seem to be a correlation with being plugged in or not. Thanks
  2. ewestesen macrumors newbie

    Dec 1, 2009
    I've had the exact same problems on my wife's iphone. 1st gen, we have jailbroken hers. I can't find any info on this out there.
  3. ewestesen macrumors newbie

    Dec 1, 2009
    A solution!! For me at least...

    I figured out what was wrong... and needless to say, I feel a little silly.

    I had not been able to create ringtones and drag them into itunes (don't know why.... a different version of itunes possibly?) so when I jailbroke, I used SSA to go into the phone and add ringtones. Well, since then, I re-jailbroke and updated to the 3.1 software, and sometimes in the last six months or so, somethiing changed in itunes and I was able to drag ringtones in without having to use SSA.

    When I restored, my phone set up my old alarms - which were set to use the old ringtones which were named differently. When those alarms would go off, the iphone couldn't find the old file, because it wasn't there anymore, it had a different name (from itunes).

    Once I deleted all of my alarms and set up new ones, the problem was solved. Same on my wife's. - I'll be cross posting this.

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