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  1. Nezza macrumors member


    Sep 21, 2005
    I've always used my other iPods plugged into my JBL speakers as my morning wake up call. So, I'm more then a little disappointed to see that you cannot set a playlist as an alarm as with the previous iPods.

    Am I going blind or is this just not not there? The only alarms I can see are the useless ones that use the built in speakers. The ones that may make a timid gerbil jump, but not raise a human from sleep.

    It really doesn't make any sence as all to me given that it is such an obvious thing. Plus, I can't see the abilty to set a playlist as an alarm canniblising iPhone sales, which seems to be the excuse trotted out for the other obvious missing features.

    And why do I have a feeling Steve's going to be standing onstage anouncing that since iPod Touch owners can't have ringtones, we'll be adding another feature to iTMS - alarms.
  2. rumz macrumors 6502

    Feb 11, 2006
    Yeah that's ridiculous for sure. Here I was thinking how nice it is that you can set all kinds of alarms for different days of the week, etc... and then they take away the ability to have it play music for the alarm?

    I haven't recieved my touch yet, but reading the manual it sounded like this is how it worked, and your experience seems to confirm what I was afraid of. We can only hope there's a workaround or that someone hacks the Touch to allow for the addition of different alarm sounds (ie songs).

    I think it's likewise ridiculous that the iPhone is locked down to only using purchased ring tones (granted their are 3rd party apps for making ringtones-- it still doesn't seem to be something Apple wants you doing). For the last couple years my phones have been able to use any AAC file for a ringtone. A phone that's touted as an mp3 player and it won't allow you to do something so simple as have the phone PLAY one of those files as your ringer? Come on. If you've already paid for the music track you should be able to use it how you like.

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