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Discussion in 'iPad' started by suzerain, May 20, 2010.

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    Hrmm...I'm stumped. I'm just a tad OCD about having my music organized, and have taken great pains to put the correct album artwork on every song in my library. Not one song on the album, mind you, but all songs.

    I have never noticed a problem until I got an iPad. Some album artwork is not showing. So, OK, I thought that I didn't add the artwork properly...for some stuff here and there, and I checked it. I even redid the artwork for one particular song as a test, and here's what I have:

    Artwork shows in iTunes on a Mac, it shows in iTunes on Windows, it shows on an iPhone.

    It does not show in the Finder, and it does not show on the iPad.

    I can get info on the file in iTunes, paste in the album artwork...nothing changes. Same result. Other songs on the same album have the artwork.

    Any thoughts? There are actually quite a few tracks in my library with this issue...perhaps 15% or so.
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    If I remember correctly, when you apply the settings in iTunes via get album artwork or pasting it in the artwork, it is not applied to the file itself and only stored as a link in the library file. To apply it to the individual files you need to right click on the song(s) and convert ID3 tags. This embeds the info in the file vs just updating the library.XML file.

    FWIW, I use v2.3 as 2.4 has issues on some systems.

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