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Discussion in 'Digital Photography' started by stockcerts, Mar 11, 2013.

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    I'm just ramping up on iPhoto, and I may go with something more advanced in the future, but for now I'm trying to understand the difference in iPhone terminology between events and albums.

    My default view shows events. Thanks!
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    The analogy I like is that albums are like playlists whereas events are photos taken at a certain 'event'.

    For example you might have an event for the shots you take over easter but you might have an album called "kids" which has shots of your kids form Easter, as well as Christmas as well as other 'events'. In that sense it's like a playlist of certain 'genres' of photos.

    I am just using kids as an example and not assuming you have/don't have any!
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    To further extend the analogy, events are like CDs and albums are like playlists. Events are typically everything you shot on a single day. They are usually related since they occurred at the same moment in time. Albums take photos from multiple events and tie them together under a common thread.

    You might have vacations events "Disney", "Beach", and "Everglades". You could create an album "Vacation Spring 2013" that included pix from all the mentioned events.
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    Two very good explanations above.

    I will just add that a photo can appear in just Event, but can appear in as many Albums as you want. So if took a photo your friend "Sam" at Niagara Falls, that photo will appear in the Event of that day. You can move the photo to a different event if you want. However, that photo can appear in the (multiple) Albums dedicated to Sam, Niagara Falls, and Friends. For example.

    Wait until you find Smart Albums.
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    I think of it as:

    Events: the entire collection of photos from the event (birthday party, night out, family outing, etc.)

    Albums: are a subset of Events with only the best photos.

    Also, albums can be a "best of 2013" taking select photos from each Event I recorded in 2013. The best of could be "Kids 2013", "Friends 2013", etc.
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    The CD/playlist analogy is good!

    Another way:
    • Events are how you decide to ORGANIZE your photos (dates, occasions, etc). Each picture belongs to just one Event. When you edit this photo, it edits the photos in albums, if I recall correctly. Think of Events as storing your actual picture files. Events are "master" folders.
    • Albums are how you want to PRESENT your photos (themes). Each picture may exist in multiple albums. If you edit a photo in an album, it does not change in other albums or in its Event (if I recall). Albums are "slave" folders.
  7. Efrem macrumors regular

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    What I'd like, and I don't see any way to do this, is the ability to organize photos in a hierarchy (much like the Mac's, or any other modern, file system). For instance, I might want a folder called "family." Within it, I want a sub-folder for my son Steve's (not his real name) family. Within that, I want a folder for Steve's wedding to Sue, another for their daughter, and so on. Within their daughter's folder, I want a folder for her baby pictures, another for her first birthday party, and so on ...

    Is there any way to do this with iPhoto? If not, and if there is I haven't found it on my own, what alternative approaches or packages would people suggest?

    (FWIW, I have a 2008 17" MacBook Pro running OS X 10.6.8, probably going to a refurb 17" or a rMBP this year, and iPhoto 7.1.5.)
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    This is possible in lightroom although the layout of "events" is not as visual so it might not be as aesthetic an appearance.
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    • Yes. That is a good description too.
      Also good.
    But this part is not quite right. Events aren't "Master Folders" in this sense, with albums as slaves. A photo that is edited - regardless of its location - will show those edits where ever it appears, Events or Albums. You can however Duplicate the photo to create an independent version.
    You can create Folders in the side panel, and put multiple Albums into a Folder. I believe (but haven't tried it) that you can put Folders into Folders as well. But... you may not need a hierarchical system. You are thinking of your images as each being'unique'. But iPhoto uses a database and the Albums are merely 'virtual'. A photo can appear in as many Albums as you want. Better yet is to use the Keywords and Smart Albums. Keyword the photos on import with the names of the people in the photo. If you have set up Smart Albums using those names then as you import your photos the Smart Albums are automagically updated. That is to say... if you Keyword the photos on import, you're done. There is no 2nd step. You don't have to drag each photo, one-by-one into each appropriate Album. Plus, now you can create a new Smart Album to combine photos from different albums, based on Keywords. All the photos of Steve between these dates. All the photos of their daughter with Steve. All the photos of the daughter with Steve, between these dates. Smart Albums will pick up images that can appear in any number of other Albums (or Events), so you aren't forced to choose which Album (or Albums) any particular photo resides. It can reside in all the Smart Albums that match the search terms. A Smart Album is a Saved Search, essentially.

    I'm not sure I understand. Lightroom doesn't have anything that corresponds to "Events"...

    Lightroom's Collections are iPhoto's Albums (Smart and plain). Its Collection Sets are iPhoto's Folders. Lightroom does let you play with the actual physical location of the image on the disk. But the recommendation is to leave this alone, except to fix importing errors.

    It is true that Lightroom's Collections/Collection Sets tree is more compact. But I think Adobe does that because you can then fit a lot more 'stuff' into the sidebar without needing to scroll. The trees nicely collapse and expand though, so it's easy to browse through the Collections if you are looking for a particular one.

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