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Oct 26, 2011
So apparently I was able to fix my own problem. It's been too long and I don't remember all the old tricks. Before starting the install process I inserted and ejected each diskette so that the icon for each disk remained on the desktop. Then the install went find and asked correctly for each diskette in sequence.

So I've recently got a LCIII up and running and I have all the Aldus Pagemaker floppy disks. However when I step through the install process from DISK 1 it eventually spits it out and asks for DISK 1 again. In the background you can see it asking for DISK 2, but after you reinsert DISK 1 like it asks it just acts like nothing has happened and it won't allow you to insert DISK2 for it's part until you either insert DISK 1 or cancel the install. I don't suppose anyone has seen this in the past? Love to hear any suggestions. Thanks.

no FPU
System 7.5
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Dec 29, 2011
Can you use Apple training materials for Aldus PM 4.0?

We have the Apple training leader's guide modules for Aldus 4.0. It comprises the contents of 2 huge binders of course materials and 2 box folders of Reproduction Masters. Will send for shipping cost (USPS Priority Mail late flat- rate box). Any taker?
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