Alexa App on iPad Can Now Initiate Phone/Video Calls and Send Messages to Echo Devices

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    Amazon is now allowing users to make phone calls, video calls, and send messages from an iPad, Android, or Fire tablet to an Alexa-enabled Echo device. Previously, users had to activate calls or send messages using an Echo, so now it should be easier to communicate within Amazon's Alexa ecosystem (via Engadget). To receive calls, users need any device with the Alexa app installed or an Echo speaker.


    The update also introduces Drop In support for the Alexa app on iPads and other tablets, meaning that iPad users can quickly send a message to someone near an Echo in a different room. Engadget noted that the new features are easiest to access on Amazon's own Fire HD 10 tablet, where Alexa is supported across the software, but iPad users will of course first have to open the Alexa iOS app to initiate calls and send messages.

    Amazon's Alexa assistant has been in the news recently for scaring some users after creepily laughing for no apparent reason. Amazon has acknowledged the events and said it's working on a fix to roll out to affected users. Additionally, late last week Alexa gained a new "Follow-Up Mode," which lets the assistant respond to multiple questions in quick succession, without requiring the user to repeat the "Alexa" wake up command.

    Amazon Alexa is available on the iOS App Store for free. [Direct Link]

    Article Link: Alexa App on iPad Can Now Initiate Phone/Video Calls and Send Messages to Echo Devices
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    Meanwhile, I cannot ask my HomePod to find my phone or make a call...
  3. npmacuser5, Mar 12, 2018
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    Siri put on a plan of assistance until her performance meets expectations. If the plan of assistance not successful, Siri will need to seek other employment opportunities. In the meantime, Alexa will take over her responsibilities. :(
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    Not seeing this on my iPad app, but it's been possible in the Android app for a long time.
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    Jul 25, 2016
    Siri is dead. As is maps, iCloud, Macs, iWork and so much more things Apple has been neglected the last couple of years. It’s an embarrassment for a company reaping in profits and neglect to invest in future improvements.
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    that town east of ann arbor
    Are you sure you use Apple products? iCloud, iWork work fine for me. The only people who hate the MacBook Pro are people who don't own one and millions use Maps everyday.
    Surprised you couldn't do this from the get-go on Echo.
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    Yes, I’m using them. I can give you a list of all my Apple devices I own. The touchbar MacBook Pro is an ergonomic disaster. Über priced and underpowered and by the time it came to light already overhauled by newer Intel processors. But it took Apple 4+ years to develop it and it only take competitors 6 months to develop and create one. So it’s no wonder it’s already overhauled when it saw the light of day :rolleyes:

    I’m glad for you maps is working. It doesn’t give me cycling routes, nor can I offload the maps or turn by turn navigation on bike. Something google maps has been offering for years.
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    Me: “Siri, call mom”
    HomePod: “I can’t help you make phone calls on HomePod. Sorry about that”


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