Alienware m17 or macbook pro 17inches (unibody)???

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    Mar 4, 2009
    Hi. this is my first post on forum so hi to all members.

    I am hardcore pc user for 15 years, i use Adobe creative suit mainly Premiere, After efect and Photoshop. I am a film maker, director and i love to edit by myself. I edited in premiere pro on dell workstation and i done some editing on mac pro G5 on final cut pro, i also use after effect for some visualisation. Last year or so i had many problems with vista, pc software, troyans.... and you know, and now i am seriusly thinking to CONVERT to Apple because of great rewievs.

    I always used desktop computers and now i want to buy a mobile "beast", I almost did buy Alienware M17 for 4.000$ (Core 2 Quad, two att 3870, 4 gigs of ram 1066mhz ddr3- high end performances) but then i find many people that had huge problems with it. Instability, worst performances then some 1000$ pc or macs... and then new macbook pro (unibody) came out... :) now i dont know what to do.

    To buy a pc or mac?
    How Adobe cs4 works on mac?
    is it "smart" to buy a mobile editing station or to go with macpro or new Dell workstation?'

    Please Help me to buy the best product for me :)

    Sorry on my english, it is my 3. language :)
    Thank you all in advance.
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    Jun 27, 2007
    Adobe suites work better in OSX because of better OS memory management.

    The latest 17" MacBook Pro can take 8gb of ram.

    MBP is also much thinner and lighter than comparable PC laptops.

    If you don't need an internal optical drive, you can get an adapter to put in another harddrive in the optical drive space, so you can have 1TB of storage in a 1" thin machine.

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