All Apple field testing was done in a big plastic disguise.

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by fs454, Jun 25, 2010.

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    I was thinking, could the reason Apple was blindsided by this signal issue be that all of their field test devices were covered in lots of plastic to disguise them from the public? They had no chance to field test the possibility of hands covering those antenna gaps outside of the lab; and I, for
    one, have no issues with signal when trying to replicate this at an Apple store, as they must have strong GSM repeaters or more simply a MicroCell to boost signal for the store model 3G devices. As soon as I'm on the road or at home, holding the phone often results in the signal dropping or even being lost. When the bumper is put on, no more problem, for the most part. I'd love to be able to use this one naked like all three of the other phones.
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    I supposee that is potentially an excuse they will use, however what about the reviewers that had these phones for 2 weeks now, they never had thesse issues
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    I was able to reproduce the bars dropping on my 3GS when I sat still on my desk at home (and holding the phone in different positions), but last night I went for a late night walk around my neighborhood (2 1/2 miles) and I would stop in various locations and I couldn't reproduce the bars dropping again.

    Then this morning I needed go to the bank (and a few other places around town) I tried the same thing, I couldn't reproduce the bars dropping. I just got home about an hour ago, tried the same thing wile at my desk again, bars dropped.

    it is impossible to field test every possible scenario of what could go wrong.
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    They weren't blindsided. Why do you think they made the bumpers?

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