All Apple Music Songs are greyed out

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  1. locksmack, Sep 18, 2016
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    Hey Guys,

    I've had the following issue with Apple Music since getting my new iPhone 7.

    • Pre-Apple Music days, my music library consisted of iTunes Match (subscription still ongoing) and iTunes purchased songs.
    • When Apple Music came out, I built on my existing library with Apple Music songs. All worked well.
    • Purchased an iPhone 7 on Friday from my carrier (Telstra in Aus) which comes with 12 months free Apple Music subscription. I think they must have removed the old subscription and added the new one.
    • All pre-Apple Music songs work completely fine.
    • Apple Music songs are listed buy greyed out. Selecting them results in an 'Item Not Available' error.
    • Deleting and re-adding songs to my library has no affect.
    • Interestingly, I can play songs just fine by searching and streaming them - it's only once they are in my library that I can't play them.
    • The above is true even for songs I've never listened to/added before.
    • I have the exact same symptoms on my macbook in iTunes.
    • My old phone (6 plus) now asks for me to purchase an Apple Music subscription when opening the Music app. I select the 'purchased through carrier' option but it doesn't accept the verification code.
    Troubleshooting (all to no effect):
    • Toggle iCloud Music Library off and on.
    • Toggle Apple Music off and on.
    • Delete songs from iCloud Music Library and re-add.
    I'm all out of ideas. I really don't want to have to build my library from scratch, so hoping someone will have some advice. Thanks for any help!
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    Call Apple and verify that your subscription hasn't changed, and then ask them what is going on.

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