All calls are from Unknown in india

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    Jun 1, 2008
    I need advice and help from you guys. I have unlocked my iphone and have been using it in US for like 6 months i never had any problems i landed india last week and i started using the phone i noticed all the calls i receive are from unknown numbers no matter from where they call. Well for this i did research and i found out there is something called as CallData in application Installer and i did install it but that doesnt solve my problem i also installer the mobile enhancer from Rip Dev and the CallData pack from Rip Dev but the results were no different.

    I would really like to ask for some help i am here in india for 2 months and i cant survive this way :mad:

    Thanks a lot in advance,
  2. asef macrumors newbie

    Jun 1, 2008
    International caller id fix

    You have to install the iclarified source through installer


    Then install AppSupport Patch and
    Region Patch which will automatically be found in Tweaks Section of Installer after iClarified is added to your phone's sources.

    If the ones above don't work,

    Install source -

    XK72 Repository:

    and install THEN Caller Id Update

    Best of luck!!!

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