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Oct 29, 2007
I was kind of hoping that I'd come to this forum and see a few related posts, but I guess I am alone. I woke up today and all of my iCloud documents have disappeared.

I had a bunch of Numbers and Pages documents. Upgraded to iCloud drive last week. Everything was there. Just a few days ago, I logged into iCloud from my Mac using the web site and everything was there. Today, I saved a new pages document and noticed that the document picker was barren. I waited for a while to see if it needed to sync, but nothing appeared. Checked Numbers, and it was also completely empty. Logged into iCloud website and yes, everything is gone for no apparent reason.

Fortunately, I have a Mac running Mavericks, so all the files are cached and I was able to copy them to a backup folder. If I didn't have the Mac, I would be totally screwed. All documents gone.

Edit: I discovered from another thread that doing a "reset all settings" wipes iCloud documents for whatever reason. I would edit my subject line if I could. Learn from our mistake!

WARNING: Resetting all settings on iOS wipes all iCloud drive documents!
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Mar 28, 2011
No you are not alone, same here, but Apple say they don't know of a reported problem!


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Apr 14, 2005
Same thing happened to me. It seems it only erases the documents of the iCloud apps on your device. I only had Pages on my iPhone at the time I reset my settings and now my Pages folder is empty, but my Numbers and Keynote documents are all intact.

I called AppleCare, they've sent my issue up the chain so hopefully someone will be able to help get my files back!
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