All inclusive resort recommendatinos


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Aug 1, 2004
St. Louis, MO
So my family has decided that if half of us have to travel for Thanksgiving anyways, we might as well all travel somewhere warm for the week. Been considering all inclusive resorts where all the food and drinks are included since it seems like it might be cheaper in the long run, plus I was already sold at "all you can drink". But there are so many of them that it would help if I had some recommendations from people who've been to some to help narrow it down.

- Everyone going has passport, so it doesn't really matter where it is, there's no reason to stick to PR or USVI.
- Everyone going is well over 21, so it doesn't need to be kid friendly. Hell, no kids allowed would be a plus in my book ;)
- Some of my family will be traveling from the east coast, so I think that rules out western Mexican cities like Cabo because of the longer flight times.

Thanks for the recommendations!


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Nov 17, 2012
Take a cruise. You stop at numerous ports and almost everything is all-inclusive.


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Jun 2, 2010
Would recommend St Maarten, Sonesta Island Club Great Bay. Interesting Island half French and half Dutch. Very safe and nice beach right at the resort.

They do all inclusive packages.


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Aug 26, 2006
Atlanta, GA
We stayed at the Grand Sunset Princess resort in Playa Del Carmen and loved it. In fact, we were having such a good time, that I called and changed our flight and extended our stay on the day of departure. It cost several hundred dollars to change it, but we just weren't ready to leave (and that's unlike me…I'm not the sun and sand type at all).

We had one of those rooms right on the pool where there are stairs straight form our deck in to the pool. And, we were right next to the swim-up bar and tequila volleyball area, so that was a bonus. In the six days we were there, we only spent about 30 minutes at the beach, so I can't comment much on that. But we were in the pools constantly.

There were constant games and activities and contests at the main pool, and quieter areas as well.

It might not be everyone's cup of tea because it wasn't like 5-star food or anything like that, but it worked for us. We'd go back in a heartbeat if we didn't have an ankle-biter.