All kindsa weird issues with iPhone 5 and Beta 2


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Jan 28, 2011
Hi All,

Am having all kindsa strange issues.

* No Photo tab in iTunes - usually a reboot will fix it, and it will re-appear, but this one happens all the time for me. After selecting my iPhone, I see "Summary, Info, Apps, Music, Movies, TV Shows, iTunes U, and Books" - rebooting iPhone, usually the last one will pop back up - "Photos"
* Not able to shut down - I've had two occasions where I cannot shut down my iPhone. It's NOT a hardware issue - my sleep button is working fine.
* Have had to hard reset my iPhone a few times. Once because of a freeze when I tried to start Siri, and once when it just seemed to randomly freeze.

I've reset my iPhone to the stock Beta 2 image and then restored my data, but I'm still getting all the same issues.

Anyone else seeing similar issues?

- Jon


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Nov 5, 2013
Yeah to be honest I'm having a fair share of issues with my iPhone 5 on iOS 8 beta 2. Beta 1 had issues too but fixes have come along with seemingly more issues in beta 2.

Mine quite frequently crashes to the point I have to use home + power to shut down through brute force and then reboot. I was also having issues yesterday where I was unable to write new messages (as soon as the keyboard appeared the messages app would freeze completely) - opening a new blank conversation and then going back seemed to resolve this.

Definitely plenty of issues, looking forward to beta 3 next week (hopefully).

To be honest when the iPhone 6 comes out I'll likely upgrade but for the time being it is nice to see what the betas are like.

My biggest issue with iOS 8 (in general, not just specific to the iPhone 5) is the lack of camera roll. Where did that go?!


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Jan 28, 2011
Actually, scratch what I said - I can now no longer get the "Photos" tab to come up at all. Reboots don't help.

I'm getting an error that says "Photos in the Camera Roll of "(your) iPhone" cannot be imported because the device is locked with a passcode. You must unlock the device to import them."

Anyone else getting this?

- Jon


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Jun 11, 2014
Jon your best bet is to DFU your phone and do a clean install, then restore from a back up. When i OTA'ed beta 2 onto my iPhone 5 i had monster issues until i nuked the phone and did a clean install. Now it's much more stable BUT I'm having problems with LTE disappearing and imessage crashing. Beta 2 is almost worse than beta 1 lol.


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Jun 23, 2003
The photo tab in iTunes seemed to disappear and reappear based on whether or not iCloud Photo was turned on or off. When I turned it off and relaunched iTunes and plugged phone back into usb (did not try wifi) the photo tab came back. I also first launched iPhoto and made sure phone showed up and could be imported, but I am not sure if that mattered.


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Oct 1, 2007
Yep, big issues on my iPhone 5 with b2 as well.

- Can't turn it off (same as you)
- Switching apps via multitasking or notification causes a crash
- Audio output often does its own thing (comes from speaker while headphones plugged in, line-out doesn't work, etc until reboot)
- Random reboots
- Camera doesn't always start properly
- keyboard clicks randomly turn back on
- Permanently on 3G
- Carrier name sometimes says 'Telstra Mobile' not 'Telstra'
- Notifications are sketchy; sometimes they just don't come up
- Every now and then I'll get a huge stack of 'message not delivered' notifications for iMessages I sent hours ago and were definitely received as I was having a conversation.
- Battery indicator gets stuck

None of these issues except the camera issue existed in b1 for me.


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Aug 24, 2013
Leeds, UK
iPhone 5 here

No random reboots and I can shut down the phone fine.

But apart from that I have most of the problems mentioned by OP and other users. Clean install on my Phone.


Apr 24, 2010
Dublin, Ireland
The photos tab being missing is probably due to iCloud photos being enabled, since the tab becomes redundant when iCloud Photo Library accesses all your photos.
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