All Macs: How can I fit a Mac into my current tech situation?

Discussion in 'Buying Tips and Advice' started by TomOSeven, Jan 3, 2019.

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    can you run games with libraries DX11/DX12 or Vulkan?
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    O365 Excel and pictures sounds like an End User created issue - even if the end user does not recall or understand they created it. I work and support O365 with local MS apps daily for Windows 10. Youd be amazed how many issues are created by End Users, not their computing platform of choice or service(s) chosen.

    iCloud for Windows does not include iMessage; most likely for the reason you've pointed out.

    Our host seems to be using Windows 10 Professional with an OEM license/issued build.

    Cortana if not used fully disable it.
    Windows phoning home, there are a few articles online to fully disable this: msconfig/services.msc/regedit.

    The T480s is a nice piece of kit ... the T480 meh the change of internal components bother me. Keyboad is fantastic, yet the 2018 MBP keyboard I love as well ... I'm one of the few that actually love using it over the standard ThinkPad chicklet keyboards.
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    Hmmm. By experience ...

    Microsoft Office Suite on Windows vs Mac:
    Fonts, many fonts corporations have created are Windows based only; cannot directly import or use on OSX.
    Outlook (Windows) can create PST/Archive files, Office for Mac (even 2019) still cannot.
    - Microsoft's recommendation is to keep Mailboxes under 50GB (you can look this up); and when adding multiple shared calendars or access to other mailboxes via Exchange or Exchange Online (hybrid or O365 only) your mailbox of 4yrs can grow VERY quickly as it will include other content rather than just your own.

    VMWare Fusion, not only allows you to run in hybrid mode (Windows Apps side by side Mac apps in MacOS/OSX environment) you can also enable drag'n'drop support between the two for files, html links, etc. MOST helpful!

    Try to see if your "proprietary" VPN solution has setting that'll work in other VPN software. I've not seen a proprietary VPN solution in over 10yrs in the corporate space. I'd be very wary of it for small business to be honest. Find out the standard being used (IPSEC, etc) and see if you can use the settings within another app that is made for both Windows/OSX/macOS and even linux.

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