All my music is crackly on my iPhone

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by wheezy, Jan 9, 2008.

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    I got my iPhone a few weeks ago, but it seems like something is wrong with my iPod. All the music I play thru it, whether with the iPhone haedphones, my Bose headphones, or thru my car adapter is crackly. I adjust or even turn off the equalizer. Thru the iPhone speakers I can't have it above 3 or 4 sound things before it sounds terrible. Anyone else have this problem?
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    What type of music do you listen?
    What is the source of your music?
    Nowdays many new CDs, even remastered ones have a crappy Audio quality.
    There was a very good article about it in RollingStone magazine best of 2007 issue.
    Suzuki Madura specifications
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    I either rip my CDs or buy from iTunes. It sounds fine from my computer or my old nano
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    Try restarting your iphone (pressing and holding power + home button I believe)

    Shut off volume limit and EQ. (you did I believe)

    If still noisy - for giggles - go into "airplane" mode - to shut off the bluetooth / wifi and cell radio.

    If still noisy - check your headphone jack itself for any buildup / dirt and what not. (do NOT use any liquid to clean it out - there is a moisture sensor at the bottom of your connector)

    If still noisy - it should be under Warranty. No?

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