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    I really love the iPad. However, there are some features from other companies that I wish the iPad would have here they are...


    Mayday support. It would be awesome if Apple offered some sort of Concierge/trouble shooting support with iPads like what Amazon offers with the fire tablets.

    Speakers on each side of the tablet. Why Apple is it so hard to put speakers on top and bottom of the tablet so when holding in landscape to watch a movie we can have balanced audio. Listening to audio coming out of only one side of the tablet is like driving down the highway listening to music out of only one side of a car's speakers.


    Full OS. This is what many Apple fans have been asking for. We want full OS X on the iPad. The ability to do full productivity on a touch screen tablet + have the ability to use a keyboard & mouse.


    OLED. The beauty of OLED is undeniable. The most beautiful tablet screen to this day is the Samsung Galaxy Tab S. Once you see it in person, everything else looks subdued.


    Good keyboard options that are built by the company that built the tablet. With the iPad, it's like Apple released it and then shrugged their shoulders and said "someone else will figure out a keyboard for the device." With the Surface and Galaxy tablets, both Microsoft and Samsung designed the tablets and accessory keyboards to work with them in such a way that they work amazingly. This is especially so with the Surface which is built with the keyboard in mind.

    What would you all like to see with the iPad?
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    Tomorrow the Apple Watch will be delivered to the customers.
    This is the first Apple product with OLED Display and Sapphire Glass.

    This year's iPhone 6S and iPad Air 3 will still have an LCD panel and ION-X glass but with Force Touch.

    In 2016, Apple will introduce the iPhone 7 with OLED Display and Sapphire Glass...
    ...but the iPad Air 4 display will remain the same.
    Why will the iPad still have an LCD Display ?
    Let's look at the iPhone 5s and Touch ID. It was launched in September 2013. The iPad Air came out after one month, in October 2013... without Touch ID. Finally, in 2014 Touch ID came to the iPad line, with the Air 2.

    In 2017 Apple will finally move the iPad (Air 5) & Macs to OLED Displays.

    Apple Watch -> iPhone -> iPad -> Mac.

    This is the trend.
    Let me give you an example : The Retina Display.
    iPhone -> iPad -> Mac
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    A proper digitizer and stylus so that I could draw and write on it like a paper notebook.

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