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    Come on apple this is crap...
    A month to the day I got my laptop (Mac Book 2.16Ghz) fixed, supposedly the motherboard got replaced, the sleep light and my super drive. Due to my super drive not loading CD’s, sleep light staying on and I could not copy anything to external drives of any type.
    Now when I got the machine back finally yes the CD drive had been replaced due to the new sound that it made, as far as I knew the motherboard was replaced and the copying issue had been resolved apple said that the copying issue was caused by the motherboard. Finally everything was working.
    Now a month later, my sleep light decides to randomly flash off and on and then stay on and then turn off and then stay on. I spoke to apply and they said “are you able to take it back to the service centre that you got it serviced at?” I said “yeah sure but I would like to speak to customer relations and find out why these things were not fixed. He hung up on me after I said that... WTF APPLE?
    I finally managed to get into the city, I went to the service centre and it was closed down I rang apple again and they said “they lost their contract” he said “take it to 175 Pitt street next byte centre” Then I said I would like to speak to customer relations he finally transferred me and I got through to Chris from customer relations who still at this point in time has been very helpful. I basically said to them “I want a new laptop” He said “ take your laptop to the next byte centre and here’s my direct number call me from there” I got there after walked 10km from where I was and called him back I told him the issues he had looked at the service report and found that the motherboard was never replaced or even looked at the sleep light was never looked at, and my HDD was never looked at for integrity the only thing that was fixed was my CD drive.
    He was dumb founded he could not believe that they did not fix it the first time round, He then said “take it straight to Rush Cutters Bay service centre and we will diagnose it straight away for you and get it fixed ASAP in the mean time I will ring them and let them know of the situation and see what their eta period is”. I walked another 2km then caught another train then walked another 1km ran my phone bill up to over $200 got to the service centre by that time Chris had called them they took my laptop and looked at it, I gave them my brand new external drive they reformatted it for Mac which I did not give them permission to do and they said “look we can copy stuff without any problems” I said “listen you wanker i did not ask you to reformat it, how the hell is my windows computer at home which is all I have going to read Mac format? I want back my stuff up and use it at the same time while you fix it!” Then he said “look there is nothing wrong with your sleep light” mean while its right in his face that the sleep light is clearly on and the computer is on same as the screen it’s not sleeping you can use the laptop and it stays on but you magically tap the side of the machine and the sleep light turns off.
    Then he said “Oh look your laptop is cracked we can fix that for you” I said “No I want my light fixed I want to copy stuff to my HDD I don’t care about my crack!” then he starting going off at me for no reason saying “you’re not giving us a chance to do anything at all” Basically I grabbed my laptop and walked away. I was not going to stand around and let some go off at me when there is clearly issues with my laptop but he refuses to see that. I rang Chris told him what happened and he said “ well that’s not what I expected I will be chatting with them later on, are you able to make it to their other service centre in Baulkem Hills?” I said “Yes” since that is near where I live.
    Since then Chris has asked me to send pictures and videos of what my laptop of what it does and doesn’t do, he has asked me to run tests which he has found that my laptop is not performing as well as it should just over the phone.
    Not to mention, but my keyboard randomly jumps to places in sentences and track pad randomly moves everywhere or doesn’t move at all. Would I really lie about these things, my keyboard started doing that when I got my laptop back from the first time service same my track pad. What is going on I don’t know but Chris basically said “We will be replacing everything in the laptop except for the screen, super drive and wireless card everything will work 100%”
    I have only just taken my laptop into the service centre here, they will notify me and ask me for the problems that I have encouted, Chris said “As soon as you drop it off ring me or leave a message I will get in contact with them let them know what has happened and what is going to happen and I will process all parts that day and ship them off to be put in ASAP”
    I really would like to thank Chris for what he has done; he has understood my frustration and is taking the time and effort to help me sort things out. This is a slow battle but at least I finally have someone on my side helping me to get things right again.
    I am glade that I have not been given any lectures about cars and gear boxes this time, he has got onto it straight away and from the moment I said go he started sorting things out so this never happens to me again or anyone else.
    I love Mac’s honestly I do, and thanks to Chris I have a little more confidence that this won’t happen to me or anyone else again. I don’t want to be an ******* but when something is broken fix it, when someone is frustrated because their product does not perform to what was said it would fix it, may not be as easy as that but take the time and effort to help someone with their issues and go beyond what you normally do.
    Thank you again Apple, I might not believe that you are a great company as yet but you have once again proved that you have the ability to go above and beyond what other companies can do, that’s still not to say you can’t do more, but hey that still might be yet to come =)
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    1. Similar thing happened to me, except I went to a reseller like 5 minutes walk from where I live, had them repair it like....oh....6-8 times, and eventually, the customer relations guy looking after my case gave me a new laptop. They had replaced every part of the laptop at least once, except the Combo Drive. Even the LCD had been replaced twice, as had the logic board.

    Got a new MacBook, and have been happy ever since.

    2. Switch to decaf. I couldn't, and didn't, read it all. In fact, you're lucky I even skimmed this cow.

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