All the same RAM or what?

Discussion in 'iMac' started by richard13, Nov 14, 2010.

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    So, one of the things I knew I was going to do before I even bought my iMac was upgrade the RAM. 4GB isn't bad but that's what my 2 year old MBP came with. According to Apple's guidelines I need to make sure I am buying 1333MHz, PC3-10600, DDR3, unbuffered and unregistered RAM.

    I've looked over the specs of the 3 candidates here and I can't find a difference. Are these really all exactly the same with different prices?

    I'm pretty sure that neither OWC nor does NuRAM have their own fab. I guess I have to wonder if Crucial does either. They are most likely slapping their name on some Samsung RAM. I have extensive good experience with Crucial but none with OWC or NuRAM. I like to save money but am I getting something less performance wise by going with OWC or NuRAM?

    I'm also a little concerned that OWC says "Install Pairs (2 at a time) for best performance". I'm not finding any evidence that my iMac has a dual channel memory configuration which would make this statement true.

    What do you guys think?

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    I think the guys at OWC know what they are doing and are giving you some good advice.
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    NuRAM is made of same parts as OWC RAM but the warranty is different (with OWC RAM, they send you new RAM if you report a problem but with NuRAM you have to send your RAM in for tests).

    iMac uses P55 chipset which supports dual-channeling
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    Awesome. Thanks for clearing that up Hellhammer!

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