(All the sudden), greyed out songs in Apple Music

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    Okay, so I've seen a few greyed out songs in Apple Music before, but not this before. Pete Yorn's new album came out recently, and I've been listening on Apple Music. But a week or so after it came out, two of the songs (Summer Was a Day and Shopping Mall) became greyed out, and I can't play them now. Today I noticed a third song (Halifax) is greyed out. I see this on both my iPhone, and my Mac. What gives?
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    I'm showing that all tracks for that album are available on AM in iTunes. I have noticed in the past that sometimes tracks from a new album listing that I added to my music library became unavailable, but upon searching, I find that a newer listing with the same tracks (that are not grayed out) is available. (I think the last one was Kaskade's new album.) Don't know why there would be a difference.

    Search AM for the album and see if all the tracks are available. If so, remove and then re-add the album in your library.
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    You could also try signing in and out of iTunes a couple times. It has solved a recent AM problem for me.
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    I don't want to date myself :)

    But, I don't even know Pete Yorn

    I downloaded the album and all songs were there and played.
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    Well, removing the album from my music, and re-adding it, and all the songs are there again. Weird. But thanks for the tips guys!

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