Almost 2 weeks of use....


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Oct 12, 2005
And here is my stability report:

1. Not a single total system crash or lock-up. (my Treo use to lock up twice per day no matter how many full system resets I did.)

2. Not a single incident with the phone other than a dropped call or two in bad coverage areas. (Treo had so many phone related issues it was maddening)

3. Safari is amazing and stable. (Bring on Flash and Java please)

4. Email works great and pdf's, MS Word and Excel files view beautifully.

5. The iPod is super and video capability is equally great.

6. There are many details described all over the internet that will bolster the power of the device, but I'm VERY pleased with my iPhone.

I'm sure there are some power users out there that have beat their iPhone my than I, but my 20 + hours have been stellar.


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Jan 13, 2004
Nearly similar experience here.
One dropped call in what I know is a poor coverage spot in town.
Quite happy with battery life, I now top off every day, but easily could get 2+ days out of it.

EDGE is about 10x faster than it was my on Blackberry Pearl.
All the nay-sayers holding out for 3G, honestly EDGE is working fine for me, avg 180 kbps.

Have not crashed Safari, or any other app for that matter.

Screen is amazing, I am constantly wow'd by it.

Sound quality is a bit disappointing, for such a pricey item, but it is not a deal breaker to me - I do not sound that great in person anyway.

It is actually faster to grab the iPhone and look up a local business/restaurant than to do it on my already running desktop or laptop - that is saying something.

Waiting for v2 is such a moot point after using this for 1.5 weeks.
Why wait?

Very pleased overall with purchase.


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Dec 2, 2006
the OC
my overall experience is very positive. apps like safari and google maps don't crash on me unless i use them while listening to music simultaneously. so i stopped that altogether, until apple releases an update to address this issue (one hopes). otherwise, it's proven quite capable, and it's been useful for looking up places of interest, directions, google searching and looking up movie times. i'm very happy.


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Apr 13, 2005
well everything about the actual iPhone is positive. My iPhone crashed only one time. But i do have a problem with ATT service. I just don't have it where I live :( so the iPhone does not work. And when I'm at work in the city it works fine but its still slow. When i hit a wifi its incredible! but after i'm out of the city the iPhone just doesn't work. this is my only issue. the service.

I have a Treo 700wx i use all the time and yeah the iPhone blows it away but it has worked for me 98% of the time and its FAST on the Verizon network. I have had minimal dropped calls where as ATT just doesn't work.

My co-worker had that really old Blackberry 7130e (looks more like a cell) that he swore worked 100% and was extreamly fast and useful surfing the 'net. He just traded it in for a 8830 and he did the "I think i might go with the iPhone bit" and got it at a huge discount. He says so far its working good. But he's only had it for 5 days.

I really hope Verizon carries the iPhone but everyone that works for them says "NEVER" geez.