Almost lost faith in Apple

Discussion in 'Buying Tips and Advice' started by Y3Z, May 16, 2006.

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    Apr 24, 2006
    Couples of weeks ago, I decided to place an order for MBP 2.0 via the web.
    Four days later, I got the MBP. I was happy with it. Then the HD started to failed. Clipping noise was coming from it. Called Apple's tech support and they told me to go to an authorized service centre since there is no Apple store where I'm. Went to the service centre and the tech told me the repair would take 7 ~ 10 days. I said to the tech "Wow that's more than the days that i have the computer." The tech offered the phone and told me to call Apple and ask them for replacement, so I called Apple and they decided to get my MBP replaced.

    A week later, I got my replacement. Opened the box and key were falling out from the keyboard. I was pretty upset, but calmed myself down and fixed the keyboard. After fixing the keyboard, I called Apple to explain what happened before they void the warranty for what I did. Just didn't want to go through the hassle of sending back and waiting for another replacement.

    The other day while working on the MBP, the screen started to flicker around and the brightness was turning high & low and vice versa. I was in a bright room.
    Put MBP to run the diagnostic test (Techtool) that comes with applecare cd overnight. Next day, I woke up the Techtool crashed (just like windows :D ).
    Phoned Apple's tech again and they decided to send me another replacement.
    Spent more time sending & waiting for a MBP than having & using it (maybe less than 10 days).

    Today with the release of MB, I browsed around to see the price & spec on Apple's web. Found out that MBP is now cheaper & with a speed bump which would have cost me around $300 back when I placed the order. I was furious :mad: . Picked the phone and called Apple.
    They decided to refund me the difference plus cancel the replacement for a MBP 2.16. Sweet or I'm just an unlucky customer who can't enjoy the MBP...?

    I hope the new replacement will be problem free.

    Piece of advice for those getting a new MB or MBP, after you get the unit keep checking Apple's web for like two weeks. Apple has a price protection policy.
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    Feb 12, 2006

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