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Discussion in 'iPod touch Hacks' started by Danielcg, Jun 7, 2010.

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    Jun 6, 2010
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    Hey ppl! I have ***ALOT*** of questions about my sorta-newly jailbroken iPod Touch. It's a 3rd gen 8GB MC running 3.1.3 FW :apple: . (JB'd with Spirit Jailbreak )

    PS: You don't have to answer every question, because I know you have a life too, but if you could answer 1 or 2 that would be awesome :D

    Question 1. How do I get ProSwitcher and Backgrounder to run at the same activator event? For example: I hold the home button and it backgrounds the open app (if any) and opens the cover flow thingy in ProSwitcher. (Also I'm open to any other related/replacement apps)

    Question 2. How to get installous apps to work with iTunes just like apps from the AppStore so I get updates and sync with my laptop.
    PS: I have appsync for os 3.1 installed, but my computer still won't sync the apps to my library and the app store app doesn't say I have them when I go to the app page it says "Buy" instead of "installed"

    Question 3. Any suggested cydia/rock/icy/AppStore apps?

    Question 4. How do I get icy?

    Question 5. Any suggested cydia/rock/icy sources?

    Question 6. How to I get an app similar to installous that downloads free iTunes music? Or any app that downloads music into the right place so I can sync it with my computer and use the music app to listen to it on the iPod

    Question 7. Anything you think I should know about jailbroken iPods/iPhones?

    Question 8. Are there any accessories that have an fm radio that I plug into the dock connector and then I can listen to fm/am radio on the iPod?

    Question 9. Any suggested iPod touch accessories?

    Question 10. How do I enable my iPod to be used as a flash drive? Prefirabily without any software on the computer so I can give friends files without downloading software onto they're computer

    Question 11. Why do jailbreak apps have numbers instead of letters in they're names? Like blackra1n or redsn0w?

    Question 12. Is jailbreaking illeagle?

    Question 13. If it is illeagle what can be done to someone for jailbreaking?

    Question 14. How does the Viper(R) SmartStart(R) app in the AppStore work?

    Question 15. How do I change the boot logo of my iPod Touch 2nd gen 8GB MC? (3.1.3 FW)

    Question 16. How do I change the background of my homescreen?

    Question 17. A while ago I got a theme from cydia that said it would change the wifi signal metre to one like on windows xp, and I applied it in Winterboard and it didn't change anything. How do I get it to work?

    Question 18. How do I get a cydia like program for my laptop running windows XP (I know windows is already open source, but is there a package installer for windows)?

    Question 19. Is there a program like iTunes for jailbroken apps for my laptop(so I can download packages, without using my iPod, then plug it in and install them to the iPod, similarly to iTunes where i download music, apps, etc and sync)?

    Question 20. How do I get the Wi-Fi to be more sensitive? For example, I have an app from the app store called Wifi Analyzer and it finds far more networks that are far away, and the doesent even see them.

    Question 21. How do I get custom EQ settings on my iPod?

    Question 22. Is there any way to backup my iPod completely? JB apps, apple apps, settings. Everything backed up on my computer

    Question 23. How do I put MxTube videos into my Videos app on the iPod, so it will sync with iTunes and I dont have to run MxTube, I can just go to videos and play it.

    Question 24. How do I get iOS4?

    Question 25. How do I jailbreak iOS4?

    Question 26. Is there an external camera for the iPod Touch like a case or something that plugs into the dock connecter?

    Question 27. What are the new features of iOS4, that are available for a 3rd Gen iPod Touch 8GB MC?

    Question 28. My friend has a Wi-Fi network and I want to use it and he is ok with that but he forgot his password, but his ipod automatically joins it. How do I extract the password from his iPod? (It's Jailbroken)

    THANK YOU FOR YOUR HELP! :) :) :) :)
  2. Penguissimo macrumors 6502a


    Nov 17, 2009
    #4: You don't want Icy; it's been abandoned by the dev for months.
    #8: Try the Griffin Navigate.
    #10: Unfortunately you can't do this the same way you would with the iPod Classic or Nano. You need special apps that use their own storage.
    #12: Some people think that it technically is, but it's a pretty convoluted legal argument and
    #13: even if Apple starts trying to crack down on it using legal measures, they'd almost certainly go after the developers of tools and not users
    #24: Wait for it to be released. Then iTunes will download and install it for you.
    #25: Wait for jailbreak tools for iOS 4 to be released. Then download them and use them.
    #26: Nope
    #27: Everything but multitasking and wallpaper
    #28: Sorry, can't be done

    Also for questions 2 and 6, you aren't any more likely to get answers helping you with piracy than you were in your other thread. It was made pretty clear for you in that thread, so I'm not sure why you brought it up again.

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