Already own 2G iPhone...upgrade to 3G worth it?

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by BrownManUPS, Jun 12, 2008.


2G 8GB iPhone or 3G 8GB iPhone?

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  1. BrownManUPS macrumors 6502a


    Jul 30, 2007
    There was an interesting article posted the day of the 3G iPhone release comparing the two iPhone's side by side.

    3G iPhone Pluses:
    -- A-GPS
    -- 3G internet
    -- "Feels better in the hand"
    -- Recessed headphone jack (though I only use iPhone's standard headphones anyway)
    -- SLIGHTLY better battery life. It's great for 3G and 2G internet, but everything else seems officially "unchanged":
    -- Pretty black backing (I'm only considering 8GB)

    2G iPhone Pluses:
    -- Brushed metal backing (IMO, better for a phone)
    -- Cheaper data plan (acc. to news)
    -- Can be managed online still (Uncomfirmed)
    -- Will still get the 2.0 software update for free

    So, 3G is prettier on the outside, but software wise, if they are both the same, my opinion is, why bother? If you have an old one, stick with it. If you don't have one yet, then yeah definitely buy one.
  2. Chaszmyr macrumors 601


    Aug 9, 2002
    I use the internet on my phone almost as much as I use the internet on my computer (and that's saying something!). I am totally psyched about getting 3G. It will still be too slow (WiFi is too, the iPhone just isn't powerful enough I guess), but it ought to be a big improvement.
  3. BrownManUPS thread starter macrumors 6502a


    Jul 30, 2007
    I guess I should change the title to, "Upgrade to 3G" instead of if you had to choose now.
  4. edesignuk Moderator emeritus


    Mar 25, 2002
    London, England
    It's worth it if you have good 3G coverage in your area (which apparently a lot of the US doesn't), and/or you want proper GPS.

    This might sound like all I'm doing is pointing out the obvious, but then the answer to the question is this simple.
  5. BrownManUPS thread starter macrumors 6502a


    Jul 30, 2007
    Haha its a valid point of course. I guess I don't feel I have to blow 200 dollars on a new phone when I already have the great original one. I could use that money to, for instance, pay off the data plan (which was hiked up for the new phone anyway). I like having my iPhone for having a better SMS functionality, internet for quick things (and I live in a college campus with WiMax so needing 3G doesn't matter), and seeing the weather and listening to some music every now and then.

    I think 3G is picking up in the US and in 5-10 years will be completely covering the US. Apple is as usual ahead of the curve.

    I guess I therefore mainly care about form factor, which I think 2G has.
  6. Foggy macrumors 6502a

    Jul 4, 2006
    London, UK
    Data plan in the UK is staying the same so its a case of do I want to pay £99 to get a 3g/gps enabled phone. My current plan is to sell my 2g one to my Dad for £50 and spend another £50 to upgrade to the latest one - I use the mobile internet a LOT (main reason I got the thing) and the GPS would be very nice as I have found the current 'locate me' all but useless ("You are in london, somewhere within this massive great sodding circle somewhere" - cheers then). Would also quite like the enhanced battery life, and would actually appreciate being able to just plug in any headphones.

    For me, what will work out to a £50 charge to upgrade is a no brainer.
  7. Hey Jude macrumors 6502a

    Hey Jude

    May 9, 2008
    Jury is still out.......

    I am sitting on the horns of a dilemma:). I just scored a brand new phone because I am not impressed with the plastic case, don't need GPS (just bought a stand-alone unit) and I am not a power user. However, EDGE is slow, the new phone is cheaper and 3G speed is awesome, relatively speaking.

    Like a lot of others sitting on the fence, I think it is going to be a launch day decision.

  8. elistan macrumors 6502a

    Jun 30, 2007
    Denver/Boulder, CO
    I've decided to stick with my first-gen. The new features of the 3G aren't worth the additional cost for me personally. I had been thinking of getting a 3G and give my first-gen to my girlfriend, but now I think I'll simply look for another first-gen.
  9. Nykwil macrumors 65816


    Nov 5, 2002
    Boston, MA
    From a strickly asthetics point of view the Alumminum back of course looks prettier, but for functionality, the plastic back will allow a better antenna. The previous iphone only had the antenna in the balck plastic portion. I wouldn't be surprised when people crack open iPhone 3G and find an antenna surrounding the entire backside of the phone.

    Should you upgrade to 3G? If you live in a dense 3G populated area and would love the better reception and GPS I say go for it.

    I just sold my old iPhone in anticipation for the iPhone 3G...aside from missing my iPhone very very much I can't wait for the new one.
  10. benmrii macrumors 65816


    Nov 14, 2007
    The difference between the two will be minimal for some and significant for others.

    Easy choice for me because of the extent that I use the web and how much faster 3G is. Also, while aesthetics are very important to me, taking a plastic backing for better reception is more important than having the metallic one.

    That said, if I didn't use the web a great deal, I would upgrade. GPS is a gimmicky addition for me (and I bet for most, especially considering the type added doesn't give a huge boost to the position location the iPhone already had) and with no upgrade in storage capacity or other hardware, with the same software functionality available to all... yeah, I can see not upgrading.

    To me, EDGE is just that painful to be worth picking up the next iPhone.
  11. iStefmac macrumors regular

    Jan 7, 2008
    If there is any truth to instore activation / non-support for gophone plans then NO, i will be sticking with my old iphone for quite some time.

    No contract = no rules. Pre-paid for life.

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