Already unlocked 3.0.1 need to update or restore, witch software version to go to?

Discussion in 'Jailbreaks and iOS Hacks' started by brandon8u, Apr 30, 2010.

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    So last week I dropped my iphone 3 GS in water on accident. It still works, however every couple minutes the phone keeps asking me to go into airplane mode. It's super annoying, in addition now the internal speaker won't work (because the phone thinks it's docked so it's trying to send the audio signal to the dock connector). I know the internal speaker isn't broken from the water because the volume bar won't appear and I've use the speaker twice since it's been out of the water.

    My question(s) is(are)... should I upgrade to the 3.1.3 and unlock it? Is that even possible yet? Can I stay on 3.0.1 and unlock? I've unlocked a 3G before so I don't need help doing so (I can just google it), but what software version is best to go to? By the way I'm on T-Mobile, so I need it unlocked. Oh, and I have iPhone 3 GS.

    Thanks for any help!
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    If if your 3.0.1 you can Jailbreak and Unlock

    if your 3.1.3 you can not JB nor Ul sorry but there are a million threads on this. tons of people would trade there eye teeth with you to be 3.0.1


    doesn't sound like jb is your problem I guessing it's hardware trouble from water! but you can always try google 3.0.1 jb/un use RedsnOw or Blackra1n
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    I'm confused as to what your goal is here. Are you trying to fix the water damage by upgrading your firmware? Really, your best bet is to not change anything.

    At any rate, official 3.1.3 cannot be unlocked right now. You may be able to upgrade to a custom 3.1.3 firmware to preserve your current baseband, but I don't know the details on that—someone like thelatinist or dhlizard would be more help in that area.
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    If you have water damage, restoring and rejailbreaking will not do anything. Its a hardware issue. You cant fix water damage by doing a software update.
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    I would say do this. Put the phone in rice for 2 days. Yes Plain dry rice. After it is out, blow dry the connectors, your phone should most probably fix itself, else you'll have to open it and air dry it. The rule of thumb with all electronics is to NEVER switch it on when u have water on it. Always give it a few days else you might short the IC's which might cause perm damage.

    Well give the above a try if possible and let us know how it goes. I had a similar issue and my phone pop up a message that the accessory is not made for this device without anything connected. I did the above and the error pop up is gone since then.
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    if he hasn't

    Already done this and powered it on. been using it etc, the rice probably won't do allot too little to late but it's worth a try.

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