Altec Lansing Speakers

Discussion in 'Mac Accessories' started by chocolate632, Jan 19, 2009.

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    They aren't bad. But the better speakers are the Altec Lansing FX6021's...For that price range you'd be better with the Logitechs. Mine also didn't last longer then two years, but that was four or five years ago...
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    Almost all of the small stick like speakers sounds terrible. You are much better off buying speakers that are a little larger (something like the ACS45 which I don't know if they make anymore). They don't sound great, but are noticeably fuller than the stupid little sticks. The sticks put form before function which is stupid for something that is supposed to work. All of the speakers listed above look great, but all sacrifice sound for style. Normally at any price point, uglier will sound better (there is only so much money that can be put into a project, if it all get's invested in transparent bubbles, and a ton of unnecessary drivers, things just don't sound as good). In your price range, look for a pair of speakers with one driver each on the desk and the sub, unless style is really important to you, then buy some of the above speakers, some of them may not be terrible.
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    I don't know, they got really good reviews on tiger direct

    and yeah im trying to make my desk look really stylish:D and im not a huge audiophile or anything, so if these speakers sound like the reviews, they might be perfect for me.

    Thanks guys for all the suggestions, oh and i was also looking into those logitech 5.1 speakers before, i heard they we really good too.

    Any other suggestions? Has anyone used these speakers that I talking about?

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