Alternative Leopard BLUE Screen Fix - GlowWorm

Discussion in 'macOS' started by catalyst6, Oct 31, 2007.

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    Oct 13, 2007
    Hey all, after having the blue screen issue and NOT having any of the APE items installed, I tried to figure out what was the source of my blue screen issues.

    Turns out if was leftover files from a program called GlowWorm in the Library/Application Support folder.

    I have no idea what GlowWorm is, but apparently it is some sort of Internet Security program. The Application was no longer there, but some associated files were still left over.

    I came to this conclusion by booting in Verbose mode and looking at some of the errors right before the blue screen. Most were related to glowWorm and various other internet utilities.

    So, it's worth a shot to check to see if you have this installed or still remaining on your system. To do so:

    1.)Boot into Single-User mode (Command + S at Startup)
    2.)Type out the lines to write to the file system like the prompt suggests
    3.) Type cd Library
    4.) Type cd Application\Support
    5.) Type ls to see if there is a glowWorm folder
    6.) Type rm -rf glowWorm to remove the folder and it's contents
    7.) Type exit to boot into Leopard, and hopefully all is well

    Maybe this can help some of you all who are having issues that I had. I don't know anything about GlowWorm, so check to make sure you won't miss it once you do remove it.

    Good luck :D
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